Elsy Guevara Finally Announces Name of Baby Girl

ABTV Latino’s Hispanic YouTube Weekly talks Louis Castro reacting to trolls online, Us Always’ Maria and Beau spending their anniversary in quarantine, and Elsy Guevara announcing the name of her baby girl. 

Karla Contreras

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Posted On: June 3rd, 2020 5:55 pm pst

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With the media being so heavily saturated with disheartening news as of lately, it is nice to turn to Youtube for some laughs. Louie Castro has a VLOG channel on Youtube, called Louie’s Life, where his over-the-top and vivacious personality brings countless laughs and entertainment to his 2.44 million subscribers. His latest video Reading My HATE COMMENTS!! is exactly what you expect it to be. Louie had his sister gather some mean comments from all his social media platforms and he reacts to them with a big smile on his face. The mean comments varied from people making fun of his veneers, to accusing of him of being a straight man who is pretending to be gay, and everything in between. He is the perfect example of not being able to control bullies on the internet, but being able to control your reaction to them, and he chooses laughter!

Last week we also got to join Beau and Maria, also known as Us Always on YouTube, on their third wedding anniversary. Many people have spent important dates in quarantine while doing their best to make the most of it, and Beau and Maria are no exception. In an attempt to have a date night without their kids, they got dressed up for a romantic dinner in their backyard, which was followed by gifts. One of the most touching parts of this VLOG was Maria giving Beau his dream wedding ring. She explains that when they got married he had an eye on this ring, however, at the time they couldn’t afford it so they settled for something within their budget. A couple years later, and a successful family Youtube channel, she was finally able to give her husband the ring he always deserved. 

Last, but not least, Elsy Guevara finally reveals her baby girl’s name in her latest YouTube video, BABY E’S NAME REVEAL!!! Since hiding her very unexpected pregnancy for a few months and finally deciding to make it public three months ago, she has kept up updated on her pregnancy thus far. Elsy and her boyfriend, Elijah, decided on the name Ehlani because they wanted their baby to also have a name that starts with an E like theirs. They admit that many of their close family and friends were not fond of the name when they first heard it, however, it has started to grow on everyone. Just a couple more weeks and we’ll finally get to meet their little girl!

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