Elle B. Mambetov: Out Of Prison and Dominating The Modest Fashion World!

Elle B Mambetov shares her incredible comeback story on PBS’s American Portrait, her new fashion line of modest clothing, and how COVID19 has affected the fashion industry!

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Posted On: May 15th, 2020 9:20pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Elle B. Mambetov

Elle B. Mambetov spent two years in a federal prison after her and her fashion business were defrauded by her former best friend. Now, Elle is making an incredible comeback through sharing her story on PBS’ American Portrait, and gearing up to drop a new collection of modest fashion on a virtual runway.

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In today’s trying times, Elle joked that the best way she’s keeping herself from going crazy is by driving her team crazy! Elle shared that it’s been a busy time with the upcoming launch of her new line and with creativity sparking at any given moment, she’s thankful to have such a supportive team to help in the process.

When she’s not lovingly stressing her team out, Elle is also living for a good face mask to unwind and destress from all the craziness of being a fashion designer.

Elle shared that creativity can come to her at the drop of a hat, but unfortunately that creative light was almost put out for good, when she suffered the traumatic experience of being jailed after being defrauded by a former friend.

“It was very heartbreaking. It was very traumatizing. For me, it stole that creativity.”

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Life is unexpected. Sometimes you unexpectedly meet the man of your dreams, or experience horrible life changing unexpected circumstances that you think will bury you. Amidst the world crisis of COVID-19 and the unexpected intrusion it has had on the lives of so many, I want to encourage people to quit or lose hope in the middle. No matter how bad the situation seems, there is hope on the other side. For all of us. When I was held captive in a foreign prison feeling hopeless, I had thoughts of suicide as I felt like the situation at hand was too much to bear. But just as unexpected life can be for the worse, life can also be in expecting for the better. I want to thank CBS, and Criminal Defense lawyer Andrew TV host Mel Robbins of the Mel Robbins Show for telling my story. I couldn’t think of anyone better to sit down and publicly discuss for the first time what happened to me. I am grateful, and thankful. – To any business owners who are worried about losing your business during the Covid-19 crisis, I hope is that you will not let that fear consume you. All of your hard work over the months, years, decades is not forgotten. Just hold on, wait, and see what’s on the other side. 💕 My book is available for free through my website exclusively on Apple Books. Anyone who is feeling like all hope is gone, take a minute and settle in with a good cup of tea, and read it. You can see my before, and watch me live out my after right now. Don’t ever give up on the middle! 😘

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As she’s now trying to move forward in her career and her life, Elle is excited about all the amazing projects she’s working on in many facets of the entertainment industry. Elle is set to appear on PBS’s American Portrait, where she’ll be sharing her incredible story and how she’s coming back and moving forward from that point in her life.

Elle is also getting ready to launch a new line of modest clothing through an incredible endeavor with a 3-D artist, who will virtually design her fashion line. Elle will be hosting a virtual fashion show, due to COVID19 affecting her ability to launch her line in person as she would have hoped. This virtual fashion show will be supporting several worthy causes during this crisis that has shaken up Elle’s launch and the fashion industry as a whole.

However, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel as Elle is also preparing to open the doors of her luxury boutique at the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills. More light for Elle comes in the form of her religion as she converted to the Islam faith and is using her passion for fashion to bring more fun and colorful clothing to Muslim culture.

“What I’m excited for people to see in this collection is the fact that there are a lot of pieces you probably would never think to buy for modest fashion. I want to bring people into fashion. I want to show them how they can layer, how they can put different pieces together to create the look that they really want and still feel comfortable and still feel like themselves.”

We here at AfterBuzz can not wait to see this incredible new line and how Elle will be executing this virtual fashion show. If you want to keep up with Elle and her groundbreaking modest fashion designs, follow her on Instagram @ellebzhou. If you loved this article, share it with a friend and be sure to catch Elle’s full interview for AfterBuzz Tv’s Quarantine With The Stars.

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