Dustin Kendrick Says The Bachelor Only Had Enough Airtime For ‘One Token Black Guy’

On Bachelor A.M. With Kelsey Meyer and Sana Moore Dustin Kendrick chatted about diversity in the franchise, Mike Johnson, Matt James, third wheeling with Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan, and his admiration for Rachel Lindsay.

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Posted On: June 22nd, 2020 9:50pm pst

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Dustin Kendrick is known for his devilishly charming smile, trendy nose right, adorable dog, killer cooking skills, and last but not least his voyage for Hannah Brown’s heart. During his interview on “AfterBuzz TV’s Bachelor A.M with Kelsey and Sana,” he talked about cut scenes from his season and The Bachelor’s decision in a new Black lead. 

Superfans of The Bachelor know Rachel Lindsay was the only Black lead in Bachelor history. But after fans gained enough signatures on a petition for more diversity in the franchise, The Bachelor decided to finally make a change. In mid-June, The Bachelor named Matt James as the first male Black lead in history.  

Kendrick congratulated James and said diversity in just one of the areas the franchise needs to improve on. He said on his season production barely gave him any airtime, yet he made it to week six. 

He said he looked like the “mystery guy,” because most of his scenes were cut and fans didn’t get a chance to see some of his intimate moments with Hannah. He even told us he gave her a palm reading and they had a Beauty and The Beast inspired mansion dance! WHAT! We want to see.

“I was one of the people of color on the show and didn’t really get that much air time. I thought there were a lot of moments that would’ve been great to show besides me just being the mystery guy that got a rose for some reason,” he said. 

Kendrick also said he felt one of the reasons why production didn’t give him much airtime is because there was only room for one Black man to shine. 

“I kind of felt like there was only enough air time for one token Black guy,” he said. Dustin went on to say that Mike Johnson, though it was well deserved, was given that spot – 

“I’m all for it because I kind of felt like there was only enough air time for one token Black guy I kinda feel like. And that was like, Mike was outspoken and all this, and really well deserved too, but again with the change of everything I felt like I stand up for this because there was a lot of stuff that was lost and maybe I just didn’t get that air time because it could only be so many minorities that get that, I don’t know but that’s how it kind of feels” he said. 

Kendrick said he hopes The Bachelor continues to work towards diversifying its contestants and leads for the future. 

“I want other people of color to go on the show and feel comfortable and get the air time they deserve and become leads and just get the same opportunities as everyone else,” he said.

Speaking of change, Kendrick has also been protesting for Black Lives Matter in Chicago. He said even though it’s his first time protesting, he felt it was only right for him to use his voice. 

“I’ve always been a supporter of Black Lives Matter… I felt like with me being half Black, I just need to step it up a little bit and let it be known what’s going on out there and get the message across to others that are unaware and uneducated,” Kendrick said. 

He also told us that he and Bachelor Alumni, Clay Harbor, are hosting fitness classes at the parks around Chicago to help end segregation as well as get a good sweat on. 

“Chicago’s very segregated and we want to get these classes, work out classes, around Chicago in these different park areas. North side, west side, south side, different trainers from all over and just build a community,” 

Kendrick has also been spending some of his quarantine time with Peter and Kelley. He said one day he got a random call from Peter telling him to come outside and little did he know, he was getting a surprise. 

“I jump in this car and Kelley’s driving and I’m like what is going on and then Pete pops out of the back and scares the shit out of me, and then after that we were just deciding that we were just going to quarantine it out together,” Kendrick said. 

But, when he’s not protesting, hanging with Peter and Kelley, or working out with Clay, he’s cooking on his new show, “Heard Chef” and watching his favorite show, “Queer Eye”. 

“Jonathan would be my work husband for sure,” Kendrick said.

Watch the full interview here:

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