Dubbed vs Subbed Anime and Where ‘Hero Academia’ Zeno Robinson and Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Stand

Written by: Jaimi Gray – April 7th, 2020 2:16am pst

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The hit Japanese animated series My Hero Academia has easily become a favorite amongst many anime fans over the years, and season four truly went beyond Plus Ultra. Although this season was pretty dark and somber at times, the show has a way of introducing new characters that are a breath of fresh air. One of the newest additions is a blonde-haired, Wing Hero named “Hawks”. His quirk “Fierce Wings” sets him apart from the other Pro Heroes, and his straight-forward, nonchalant attitude makes him most likable as a character. 

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The English voice behind Hawks is Zeno Robinson, who is no stranger to the anime and voice-over world. Robinson has used his vocal talent on shows such as: Demon Slayer, Cannon Busters, and more. It is no secret that English dubbed anime has gotten mixed reviews over the years. It has since sparked a major debate in the anime world: Dubbed vs Subbed Anime? Which is better? While there is no right or wrong answer, it hasn’t stopped anime fans from sounding off.

Credit: Megan Thee Stallion

Rapper & Houston Hottie, Megan Thee Stallion has always expressed her love for anime with shows like Inuyasha and My Hero Academia to name a few. So, what do Zeno Robinson and Megan Thee Stallion share in common? 

In a recent interview on Pitchfork’s Under/Over show, Megan quickly defended dubbed anime. “I have to watch dubbed anime sometimes,” she said. “If I’m getting ready and doing my makeup, I can’t stop and read the subtitles!” She added more by stating, “So, when you have time to watch it subbed, I would highly recommend watching subbed.”

Zeno also defended Megan’s message and tweeted his response to her interview. “Y’all hear that?! Megan Thee Stallion watches dubbed anime!!! I’m never letting this go!!” #dublove

Credit: Zeno Robinson Twitter

Afterbuzz TV’s “My Hero Academia” panel recently had Zeno on the aftershow and spoke with him about his tweet on Megan’s interview and her love for dubbed anime. “Man, I keep starting stuff on Twitter, and I need to stop!”, he joked. 

“The reason why I shared it is because I think that dubs are important for a lot of reasons…I personally feel like it’s a win for our community. We have this celebrity who has potentially heard some of our voices.” “I’m never letting that go,” he laughs, “Megan watches dubbed so you can’t tell me anything.”

The latest episodes of My Hero Academia are currently subbed. So, which do you prefer? Dubbed or subbed? Let us know what you think and tweet us your response at @abtvanime and @afterbuzztv. To continue watching our anime aftershows, be sure to click the video link in the article and subscribe to our channel. Plus Ultra!!!

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