Dolan Twins Release Losing A Best Friend Documentary About Grieving Their Late Father

Written by: Trina Dong – February 19th 2020, 8;15pm pst

credit: Instagram

The Dolan Twins released Losing A Best Friend, a documentary about grieving their late father, on February 17th.

YouTubers Ethan and Grayson Dolan lost their father, Sean Dolan, to cancer on January 19, 2019. Since then, they have been vocal with their 10.7 million followers about their desire to make content that is truly meaningful to them. With this documentary, they did just that.

“Directing and producing this documentary was very tough for us, but we will be forever grateful for everything we learned during the process of its creation,” the Dolans shared in the description of their video.

The heart wrenching documentary follows the twins as they push themselves to experience the next steps of their grieving process including looking at photos for the first time since his passing and going to a therapy session.

They also had conversations with a variety of people that were positively impacted by their father.

“He always told me to believe in myself and have confidence,” expressed Jack, one of Sean’s former students. “That’s what I’m most appreciative of him for.”

Throughout all of the touching stories from Sean’s loved ones, they all had one theme in common. His long time childhood friend, Scott, summarized it best.

“He was just a beautiful soul and a good person to be around.”

The final tearful conversation that they have in the doc is with their mother to discuss how they feel after hearing the fond memories people shared about their father.

“I just hope he sees this video so he really knows how many people he helped and how worthwhile his life and everything he did was,” said Ethan to his mother and Grayson.

credit: Instagram

At the end of the documentary, the Dolans revealed that they are teaming up with the Entertainment Industry Foundation to start their own foundation, “Love From Sean”. It will support multiple charities focusing on helping families of cancer patients, finding patients ways to get the treatment they need and cancer research.

In just two days, “Love From Sean” has raised nearly $200,000 and counting. For more information on how you can donate to this incredible cause, visit

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