Does Cody want to go to war on Monday Nights?

Written by: Jack Farmer – February 25th 2020, 3:55am pst

Cody spoke with 11Alive in Atlanta last week about all things AEW and gave us what could be glimpse into the future hinting at the idea of changing the day of the week that Dynamite airs, kicking up the idea of a wrestling war to even another level. Hello everyone, my name is Jack Farmer and this is the AEW Social Media Skim!

During the chat, the EVP of AEW said, “I would love the company in five years to be on a different night and competing in the same fashion they are. It’s not that I don’t love Wednesday nights, but I can tell we have real players and I look at this date, and we’re not lying about this revolution anymore.” The American Nightmare continued saying, “I’d love to see how it does on another night of the week.”

credit: AEW

After a little more prodding, Cody confessed he would hypothetically pick Monday night as the day of the week he would prefer and said he felt very confident in what his roster would do.

Of course, Monday Night Wars have been filled with glory and heart ache in the wrestling business for decades, going back to the late 90’s when WCW famously beat the WWE (then WWF) in ratings for 83 weeks straight and almost put the juggernaut out of business before eventually losing to the Stone Cold, Rock, Triple H, and Undertaker led WWF. Years later, ratings wars were reignited when TNA (now Impact Wrestling) chose to take on the WWE head to head on Mondays, that conflict not being as close of a battle as its predecessor, with TNA eventually changing it’s programming day of the week, and name, and since then, most of its identity as a whole.

credit: AEW

With things picking up for AEW and All Elite Wrestling winning the ratings battle with the WWE owned NXT brand every Wednesday, wrestling fans are starting to rub their hands together and salivate at the idea of another potential Monday Night War.

credit: AEW

The question is…do you want to see AEW move to Mondays or are you happy with them where they are? I want to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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