DJ D-Nice’s Instagram Club Quarantine Garners Views from Oprah, Michelle Obama, Donnie Wahlberg, Biden, Sanders, Zuckerberg and an Easter Collab with Diddy

Written by: Kelsey Meyer – April 14th, 2020 4:36pm pst


I’m sitting here in my apartment this lovely Saturday afternoon, glass of cider (hard cider, please) in hand, and jamming to D-Nice’s Club Quarantine. This time I roped my roomie into joining me, I mean she didn’t really have a choice because she can’t leave, but still, we are both loving it. I have my computer propped up on a bench and it is open to D-Nice’s Instagram live. He set the mood – flashing his bottle of rose to the screen and his viewers, rockin’ a fedora hat, headphones around his neck and sporting his new Club Quarantine merch.

Thirty minutes in and he already had 20 thousand people viewing, an hour in and it jumped to 27 thousand, and then with the blink of an eye 27 became 30. The fan comments were flying in and exploding off the page, and he was giving shout-outs right and left. People were tuning in from all around the world – he shouted out Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Madrid, it was really something special. Throughout the set he thanked the workers – health care, service industry, restaurant workers, everyone on the front lines risking their lives during this time. 

Vanessa Williams tuned in and got a shout out, Donnie Walberg who is always there supporting him, popped into the chat and commented “the real uptown funk,” and then D-Nice told us this “IG Party” is better than any party he’s ever DJed. It’s sort of a surreal experience, you really do feel like you are in a club, just a club from your home and these celebs are right there with you. I mean talk about an amazing mood boost! 

D-Nice went on for about 3 hours, but before signing out he reassured us all that he’s taking this on the road “he promises us.” 

Club Quarantine continued into Easter Sunday, as D-Nice helped Diddy kick off his Instagram dance-a-thon fundraiser. D-Nice was the first of many celebrities to join Diddy’s party with a purpose.

D-Nice played a few hits and set the mood for the event, which ended up raising over 4 million dollars for healthcare workers. 

Sunday night, after partying with Diddy, D-Nice posted this photo on his Instagram, with the caption “CQ: After Dark. 9pm PT.”

It is safe to say that D-Nice had quite the busy weekend, but he definitely isn’t stopping now. Doing what he does best, he kept the party going, and you know it’s only going to keep getting stronger from here. So, keep positive, keep jamming, and keep tuning into D-Nice on his IG Lives. Until next time my Club Quarantine crew, stay cool, and share this article to spread the love. Tune in daily to AfterBuzz TV articles and aftershows for the latest news and info.

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About The Author:

Kelsey Meyer is a Los Angeles transplant, hailing from rainy Seattle, and a current host and writer at AfterBuzz TV. She comes from a strong background in the entertainment industry and is a true pop culture princess. Her passions include Late Night, Schitts Creek and having a good glass of Cabernet while connecting with her fellow AfterBuzzers.

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