Disney’s Upside Down Magic Star Izabela Rose LOVES Zendaya & Lucille Ball!

Actress Isabella Rose shares how she relates to her Upside Down Magic character Nory, sends love to co-star Alison Fernandez, discusses her journey as an actress and how she’s inspired by Lucille Ball and Zendaya.

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 12:10am pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Isabel’s Rose

Izabela Rose is often told that she looks like legendary Disney Channel star Zendaya, and while she’s definitely got the look, she’s also got the incredible singing and acting talent to match.

The young star grew up in Georgia and after hearing an ad on the radio for an audition, she somehow knew that she wanted to be an actress. After modeling and getting into the pageant scene at a young age, Izabela eventually fell in love with the process of acting and began her young career.

Izabela moved cross-country to try her hand in professional acting in Hollywood. The leap of faith paid off as she is now set to star in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Upside Down Magic. In addition to talking about this exciting role, Izabela shared some of her other celebrity inspirations and told us how she’s passing time in quarantine.

Since she is usually extremely busy, Izabela has decided to use this time in quarantine to take a step back and just enjoy the time she has with her family, as she is now back home in Georgia. She and her cousins have been having lots of fun around the house playing board games and even having their own baking competitions!

In order for her to stay sharp as an actress during these crazy times, Izabela has been watching TONS of I Love Lucy to get acting tips and study the comedic timing of the iconic Lucille Ball.

“When I first moved out to L.A., I was just always this shy kid in real life. And so I never was really, this kind of class clown, but Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy helped me to understand comedic timing.”

All the comedic timing and acting tips that Rose has been studying up on has paid off and she will be putting them to good use on Disney Channel’s upcoming original movie, Upside Down Magic. Izabela knew from the moment that she got the script for this film that she was meant to play Nory. She noted how much she and this character are alike and shared what she loved about starring in this film.

“I’m so grateful that I actually got to play a character that was so much like me, which is Nory.”

On this exciting new film, Rose got to work with many exciting members of the Disney Channel and ABC family, notably Once Upon A Time’s Alison Fernandez.

“She was such an amazing cast member to work with. She was there for everyone, every single day. She was definitely SO funny on set. She always came up with these amazing jokes and when I tell you, she is extremely talented!”

Another amazing talent that Rose looks up to is Zendaya, as she is always told that she looks like her. Izabela admires the former K.C. Undercover star’s acting and how great of a person she is in real life.

“She’s really grown throughout her career and I think that’s someone that I really admire and just where she started from and where she’s at now. She’s definitely an amazing actress and an amazing person in real life.”

While we wait for her fun new film, Izabela hinted that fans have a lot to look forward to from her. She couldn’t give too much away, but she did share that she is hard at work on her acting and musical careers and that fans should keep an eye on her socials to stay updated.

You can find Izabela on all social platforms @iamizabelarose and be on the lookout for her on Disney Channel’s Upside Down Magic coming this summer. After you follow her on social media, be sure to catch Izabela’s full interview for AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars.

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