Disney‘s Miranda May Teases Bunk’d & Raven’s Home Mashup

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EXCLUSIVE – Could we see a Disney Channel mashup soon? We will if Miranda May gets her way!

May, who stars as Lou Hockhauser in Disney’s Bunk’d, spoke one-on-one with AfterBuzz TV’s Chae’ Jones on a recent set visit and was asked who she would love to combine shows with on Disney.

“This is easy. It would be Raven’s Home,” said May, “because Raven and I, I just, I’m, we’re both convinced we’re going to have to do something together.”

What would they be doing? May has it all planned out.

“I think it would be so fun for like, her and her kids to come to camp,” revealed May, “I think that would be so fun!”

May says Raven could even help her with counseling.

“It would be a hot mess and we would love it,” exclaimed May. “We would love it!”

Bunk’d is beginning Season 4 on Disney while Raven’s Home is back for its third season.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.