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Stroll down into Salem to “dish days” with our hosts on THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES AFTER SHOW. We’ve got the low down on the love lives that are the talk of the town, from the Bradys, to the Hortons and the DiMeras. Tune in weekly for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members from the show.

Episode Recap

 Steveano finally reveals himsef at the New Years Eve party as Patch and attends the event with Hope (Gina). Kayla confronts Steveano and ask why he is in town. Steveano tells her that he is not there for her but for Merlena to protect her from Stefano. John is happy to see his partner back in town but still questions why Patch wouldn’t contact him first and make a surpise entrance at the party. Kayla leaves the party heartbroken with Justin furious at Patch. The next storyline the host discuss is Kristen, Brady, Nicole, Chad, Abigail, Gabi, Eli, and Lani. Kristen confronts both Brady and Nicole about seeing them together. Kristen tries to win Brady back but he feels like Kristen hasn’t changed and leaves with Nicole. Lani throws a flower pot through the window of Gabi’s store but the video cameras only pick up that it was a nun who broke the window. Both Eli and Gabi go to Kirsten’s hotel room confronting her about the situation but Lani is the one that answers the door. Eli and Gabi asks if she was the one who threw the flower pot through the window but Lani denies that she was there. After both Eli and Gabi leave Kristen’s hotel room Gabi tells Eli that she forgot her earring in the hotel room. Gabi said she will be meet Eli back at the mansion so they can celebrate their New Years together. When Gabi returns to back to the hotel room she threatens Lani to stay away from Eli or she will destroy Julie’s heart through the app. Chad and Abigail have a meeting with Kristen about her shares. Chad accidentally tell Kristen that he has been in contact with Stefano.
Tami Goveia, Michael Mattes, and Chelsie Overocker breakdown the last couple of weeks of Days of Our Lives. The top storylines the hosts discuss are Steveano ,Hope (Gina),John, Marlena, Kayla, and Justin.

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