on rising above adversity, the futility of violence, and the change the world needs

Written by: Chae’ Jones – March 31st 2020, 7:13 am pst

The world needs the arts now more than ever. Especially during this time we’re currently living in. The world also needs this next generation to take the reins on how they want the world to change. The young Just Roll With It star is gonna change this world and I don’t think the world even knows what’s in store for it.

Ramon Reed joined Chae’ Jones for a Zoom interview for Dish Upon A Star to talk about The Lion King National Tour, Just Roll With It and his new Youtube Channel, as he plans to release his first video very soon.

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Reed did a live talk on Instagram to connect with fans and one fan asked him a question about fighting. I asked him to tell the fans tuning in what he said because it was so profound.

“I was just saying that there’s already so much violence in the world as it is today. There’s everyone trying to be better than the next person. I’m better than you because I have this amount of money or I have this job or I know this person…and fighting is not the way. If we actually use our mouths and use our vocabulary and spoke to each other. We’d be in such a better state than we are in today”,  Reed said.

Any type of audition is gonna be different. No audition is gonna be the same especially if they are open casting call auditions, but for Reed, an open casting call led to the role of a lifetime.

“We put in our audition for the stage play and we saw this post on instagram that there was an open casting call but I went to AMTC which was a talent conference which I met my manager at. We met someone there who cast for The Lion King, so we were super super blessed.  ’She was like don’t worry we’ll get you an audition by yourself’. Which I still cannot believe. I’m still grateful for her. From there, we went down to New York for the private audition, the next day I went for the last audition. They said we’ll get back to you guys in like a week or two, then forty-five minutes later they called us.”

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Just Roll With It is Reed’s first television show and seems the first of its kind:  a kids show in which there’s a lot of improv, as the audience gets to decide what happens to the cast in scenes. There are many amazing, weird and funny moments throughout the first season of the show. Reed shares his favorite episode, “Definitely the episode with Big Jim, it’s actually called ‘The Tutor’ because I’m tutoring him, Big Jim, and I have to sing to convince him not to cheat on a test.”

Season 2 of Just Roll With It has begun,  premiering new episodes on March 15th and they added a new cast member.  John Ratzenberger is a Pixar legend. He voices Hamm in the Toy Story franchise, as well as the Yeti in Monsters Inc. and Monsters at Work.

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“First: crazy I even had the chance to work with him. He’s such a nice person. I saw him at the Onward premiere, super nice, as always, and he had his family there. Just his comedic timing he brings to the episodes, it’s like nothing we ever had. Just thinking when we were filming those episodes with him, it was just a whole different vibe on set. We have a grandpa! It’s something I never thought we’d bring, a new addition to the cast, but it’s something that happened and something that really elevated the show to a new level.”

Reed is super excited to launch his YouTube channel and share some of the content with his fans and give them an inside look into his life.

“My first video is kinda like an introduction into who I am. So I’m just answering questions my fans sent in and of course I’m being crazy. It’s a super funny video.  I love it. I’m also going to be talking about sickle cell because I have sickle cell anemia disease and it’s a disease where your red blood cell…well, it affects me when I go through extreme temperature change and climate change and my red blood cells turn into sickle and blocks blood flow from getting where it needs to go. So I’m gonna do a whole video explaining very thoroughly on what that is, how it affects you differently, how you can get, it and things of that nature.

“Just because I have sickle cell, it’s something that I hold close to my heart, but it’s not just about sickle cell. It’s about the kids who have leukemia, it’s about the kids with asthma, it’s about everyone who may have something, that it’s okay to express how they feel about it. Because sometimes I question, why do I have this? I don’t deserve this but then I have to remember I have this for a reason and I can use this for good.”

Reed is incredibly talented, good-hearted, and is going to do amazing things in the world. Tune in to new episodes of Just Roll With It on Disney Channel on Sundays and be on the lookout for his YouTube Channel.

You can follow Reed @iamramon.reed on Instagram and @ramonreed20 on Twitter

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