Did Love After Lockup‘s Mike Get Maria’s Name Tatted on His Finger?

Written by: Breanna Chianne – February 5, 2020 4:38pm PT

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Did Michael Simmons tattoo his bae’s name to show it’s real?
Nothing says romance more than getting your boo’s name tattooed on you, right? Clearly, that’s the standard for Simmons and his new relationship. Simmons forehead said, forget faithfulness and stability, I’m just gonna get your name tattooed on my finger and call it day. I might be paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

Credit: WeTV, Love After Lockup

Back when Simmons visitedMeghan Nash in Texas, he had a random bandage on his ring finger. The sneaky snake slithered his way out of the south without anyone wondering what happened to his hand. With a storyline as deep as theirs, who’s really thinking about a bandage?

Credit: WeTV, Love After Lockup

Turns out there was a lot more to it than we thought. The last episode showed a sneak peek of Simmons introducing his Miami mistress, Maria. During his phone conversation with Sarah, we also saw a peak at Simmons rocking some new ink. An obvious “-ria” engraved on his wedding ring finger to be exact! Hmmm..I wonder what the rest of it said. It was even more obvious that his latest piece of art was dedicated to Lady Maria, since he had no problem showing it off during their car ride together to see his kids in New York.

Credit: WeTV, Love After Lockup

Nash hopped on an Instagram Live following the episode proclaiming that she’s reclaiming her ‘Hot Girl Singledom.’ Nash went on to explain she asked him in their “early talking phase,” if he’s a hoe to which he completely denied, because he’s “very selective.” I mean obviously he’d tell the truth, right?
Maybe Maria might be the one. I mean what’s more permanent than a tattoo? Well, Sarah did give brith to 2 of his children…Yeah, I don’t think one’s gonna last. But what do you all think?!
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