Model DD Smith Speaks about the Importance of Being the First Non-Binary Model on Project Runway

Written by: Bria Williams – March 17th 2020, 8:23am pst

Living in your truth can be one of the biggest challenges in today’s world but every time you get an opportunity to do so, do it with confidence. Model DD Smith showed us on Project Runway Season 18 that showing up in your true authentic skin is enough.

credit: Bravo

Asking questions is a clear and simple way of getting to understand anyone or anything that is unknown to you. As the fashion industry continues to evolve in showcasing the beauty in different sizes, shapes, genders and races, we must also continue to evolve in our knowledge of how to make everyone in the industry feel accepted and included. Being the first non-binary model on the show this season, Smith mentions how valuable they felt it was for the designers to show interest and care in getting to know and understand them.

“ That’s all I ever look for…that’s all any non-binary person looks for in people. People who just want to learn more and understand us and understand how to go about our pronouns or whatever the case may be.” Smith said.

credit: Bravo

Smith has continued to break barriers and become a force to be reckoned with all on their own, walking the runway multiple weeks in a row. When asked what their secret was, they were elated to tell us: it’s just them.

“Everyone I’ve always walked for has always told me, ‘you do amazing, do everything you want to do.’ And just them confirming and believing in me actually made me more confident like wow, you all really enjoy this, then okay I’m just going to keep doing me!” Smith said.

credit: Bravo

You can find Smith starring in their commercial as the first non-binary model collaborating with Dark and Lovely and on IG, Twitter & Tik Tok @DD.Smithhh

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