Days Of Our Lives Makes History Airing First On-Screen Black Wedding

Days of Our Lives makes history by airing the first Black wedding. Sal Stowers, Lamon Archey, James Reynolds and Vanessa Williams joined Dishin Days to give us inside details about the episode. 

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Posted On:July 8th, 2020 6:28 pm pst

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Days of Our Lives makes history by airing the first Black wedding and Dishin Days has the inside scoop on the iconic episode. Sal Stowers [Lani Price], Lamon Archey [Eli Grant], James Reynolds [Abe Craver] and Vanessa Williams [Valerie Grant] discuss being part of the wedding and how important it is that this episode aired during Black Lives Matter. 

Dishin Days wanted to know what it meant to Sal and Lamon that their character’s wedding made history on a Soap Opera. 

“Honestly…I think it was in the back of our minds before we found out.” Sal states, “but once we knew we were going to be the first African American couple to be married on the show I had to get past the shock of it, but after that I just felt very honored to carry that. To have that on my shoulders and on my back as a black woman; and to do it alongside means so much…I couldn’t be more proud of the work that him and I did on that episode.” 

Lamon also shared that he and Sal were able to voice some of their suggestions on how they wanted the wedding to be portrayed on the show. They both added the tradition of ‘jumping over the broom’ in the ceremony, to bring more of the Black culture into the wedding . 

“It was a blessing that Sal and I decided to come to the producers and ask them about jumping the broom…that thought just happened to pop in our head but knowing ahead of time that this was going to be the first black wedding…we would’ve made it a point to hey, let’s see what is everything we can do to make this wedding more about any type of heritage we could bring into the room.”

Sal also had a say on how she wanted Lani to look at this wedding, and wanted her character to be a goddess bride (which she pulled off perfectly).

“Everything that you saw, Lamon and I collaborated on and at first I didn’t think Lamon wanted to see the outfits but I was like no you have to see the outfits! [laughs]. “I really do respect his opinion…I had the braids at the time…with the jewels in my hair and that whole goddess thing so that was what I was going for and Lamon tied it in with the gold chain and the matching pearls with it and the white tux…I loved the way we were dressed in this wedding versus the first one.”

We agree Sal, the way both you and Lamon dressed in this wedding is our favorite as well. 

Sal continues.

“Lamon also had his ankles out and I’m always for a man that has that.” [laughs]

Lamon chimes in.

“My mother is always clowning me about my feet because they are long and big so she sent me a picture of my feet and told me I didn’t jump across the broom I skied over it.” [laughs]

You two jumping over the broom was one of the best parts of the wedding. Us fans think Sal and Lamon nailed it! 

Next, Dishin Days wanted to know James and Vanessa’s thoughts on the wedding and how it was being part of an iconic moment with Sal and Lamon. 

“I was proud of their choices and proud of how they performed those scenes.” James states, “and how they always professionally handle’s inspiring.. Everything about it brought people in because you bought into their love for each other…I’m aware of the history of television in Daytime…and the fact that they were part of this moment I think is really appropriate and I was excited for that.” 

“Aww” Sal says.

We love seeing the connection between James and Sal. They not only have a great relationship on screen as father and daughter, but care for each other off screen. 

“I think the ancestors were all over this.” Vanessa adds, “we needed this wonderful joyous loving human thing to happen between these two beautiful African American actors to create history..Black history is American history so that it was all a part of this narrative that we have a chance to really..highlight it in a way that it hasn’t in the past.”  

James added,

“We didn’t know when this was being shot, we didn’t know what the moment would be when it was shown. We had no idea, we were still shooting a scene in a Soap Opera. The fact that this show aired in the moment that it did and we’re all certainly aware now…I think it’s extremely significant and it allows our audience to partake in it. It’s a multicultural audience and so the more that audience particularly knows where there’s awareness of Black folk and our contributions to this Country and going forward.”

We couldn’t have said it better James. This was the perfect time for Eli and Lani’s wedding to air. This episode alone made a significant impact to the viewers with everything that is currently happening with Black Lives Matter.

Thank you James, Vanessa, Sal, and Lamon for joining Dishin Days to discuss what it’s like making history on the show and giving us inside details on how you helped the producers with ideas on how to make the African American culture part of the wedding. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview!

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