‘Days of Our Lives’ Brock Kelly And Chrishell Stause Dish On Intense Fight Scene

Days of Our Lives stars Brock Kelly and Chrishell Stause check in with Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin’ Days to discuss storylines, working together and Chrishell’s hit Netflix show Selling Sunset. 

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Posted On: May 30th, 2020 5:22 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Days of Our Lives Weekly

Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin’ Days continues to check in with Days stars to see what they have been up to during quarantine. 

This week we have Brock Kelly [Evan/Christian Maddox] and Chrishell Stause [Jordan Ridgeway] join Dishin Days to talk about Brock’s current storyline and they reminisce about Chrishell’s time on Days (we’re still hoping for Jordan to make an appearance back in Salem). As they say, no one is truly dead on Days of Our Lives.  

Brock Kelly signs in first on Zoom wearing a grey t-shirt. Dishin Days asks him how he’s doing while introducing him as his character Evan/Christian Maddox. 

“I’m doing great, thank you. You forgot Big C.” [laughs]

Brock’s character goes by many names on Days. Just recently someone on the show referred to him as Big C. Brock is currently holding the title of ‘the most nicknames.’ 

Dishin Days wanted to check in and see what the fanbase was like for Brock and his character. He definitely stirred up trouble in Salem, and kept us on our toes.

“There was some excitement..with some of the circumstances it was a little cold. But I think I’ve grown on some people and some people are rooting for Christian, Evan, Big C as people call him [laughs] and I’ve seen some positive stuff.” 

Throughout the past few months Brock’s character has experienced growth from when he first stepped on the canvas. He started off as a nanny to David and tried to develop a relationship with Sonny Kiriakis [Freddie Smith], while going under the name of Evan Frears. A few months later we find out his real name is Christian Maddox who is the biological father to David and Jordan’s killer. 

Even though Christian has made some terrible choices, which cost him losing his son, no matter what he still wants David to view him as his father. 

Brock nods his head. 

“Yeah you’re right, he was abandoned when he was young so he doesn’t understand emotions, relationships..but he’s doing his best and doing what he feels is right even if his genetic makeup is evil. Even if he’s not the best candidate to be a father.”

It doesn’t help that his father Orpheus [George DelHoyo] is a bad influence in Christian’s life and pushes him to make wrongful decisions. He makes him believe that he will be providing a better life for David. 

Credit: soapoperaspy.com

Dishin Days wanted to know if Brock felt the same ‘push and pull’ when dealing with his character’s father. 

“Yeah..somewhere in the middle. He’s an obedient son, he’s a person that wants to be accepted and loved.But he has this overbearing father who’s very evil…and you don’t want to cross him, even goes for a family member. He did want to comply with his father’s wishes and try to fit into the society of Salem.” 

It’s hard to fit into the society of Salem after Christian strangled the mother of his child (Jordan) to death. This was the first scene Chrishell and Brock had together on camera. Jordan and Christina’s relationship was talked about amongst the show, but viewers never had any scene of them interacting. Dishin Days wanted to know what it was like for both actors to go into that flight scene. 

Credit: soapoperaspy.com

“We had a couple of hours maybe like one or two and we were on set working with the stunt coordinator and one of the directors.” Brock explains,“we talked about it and asked what we are comfortable with and how we can sell this..then we just practiced it some more…she’s incredible…there’s no warm up. Rehearsal one is what she’s doing is when the cameras are rolling. That really elevated my game and it was great to work with her.

We can tell that Brock and Chrishell had a good working relationship. They only had one scene together, but they did a fantastic job making viewers believe they’ve had a long history. 

Chrishell joins the Zoom call with sleek straight hair and a pink lipstick. 

Right away Dishin Days congratulated her for being nominated for a Daytime Emmy. 

“Oh Thank you!”

Dishin Days asked Chrishell about her take on the fight scene where Brock’s character strangles Jordan. 

“We had a couple right Brock? Or no?”

“We only had one but it was a long day.” Brock states. 

Before performing that scene, that was the first time Brock and Chrishell met.  

Chrishell jokes. 

“Yeah so if you go to strangle me if you don’t mind just be careful..” [laughs] 

Chrishell confesses that this isn’t her first time getting strangled on camera. 

“I had a bad experience a time or two and being strangled on camera, it’s happened a few times.” [laughs]

Viewers always sensed that there was bad blood between Jordan and Christian before Brock Kelly joined back in November after the time jump. Yet, they didn’t realize how violent their relationship was. 

“What I remember is them telling me stuff about the relationship, “Chrishell adds, “I remember us chatting about it how it was a physically violent type of relationship..I think we had his idea..initially I was coming at him towards the same type of energy and they told me to take it way down because they wanted me to seem as if I was afraid..”

Brock chimes in.

“In my head it was messy. Obviously the character of Jordan was going through a lot of things and she was a little unhinged herself.”

 Chrishell nods her head. 

“I just went with what they told me and built on it from there.”

Chrishell left Days of Our Lives in 2015 and then reprised her role again with her first episode airing in 2019. Dishin Days wanted to know if it was difficult for Chrishell to come back again realizing her character now had a baby and is dealing with mental illness. 

“Well you know it was very unexpected when I was asked if I was up for coming back to the show. First it was an availability thing and I was like ‘oh yeah this will be fun.’ Of course, they didn’t tell me so it was a surprise to me. I was like, ‘wait I’m gonna need to talk to someone I don’t know what’s happening here?’” [laughs]. 

Credit: tvseasonspoilers.com

“I’m sure other Soap actors can attest to this as well and I know Brock can because it happened to us in a moment. You don’t get all the information..I didn’t know when they bought Jordan back that she had a baby..they are writing as they go and I think they really liked what happened between me and Rafe so they came up with that idea a little more on the spot.” 

Chrishell continues. 

“To be serious about it obviously that family has gone  through a lot of emotional abuse, physical abuse, trauma. That’s something that I took very seriously in bringing to the camera.” 

 Even after Jordan was killed off the show her name is still mentioned a lot throughout various storylines. 

“I know! I was like,‘can I get some residuals for everytime my name is mentioned.’” [laughs]

Dishin Days wanted to know, if Chrishell could add anything to her storyline before her character was killed, what would it be? 

“As an actor we all have things we wish we can play..I know the fans were rooting for it, I was rooting for it. I really would have loved when she brought the baby back to make it work between her and Rafe. How interesting is that someone who is really suffering from a mental illness and a past trauma…Rafe really has it in him that you know that’s his character. He wants to help..that really could have had so many layers.” 

Credit: hollywoodhiccups.com

We agree. Everyone wanted Rafe [Galen Gering] and Jordan’s relationship to escalate. There could have been many plots with Rafe helping her while raising David. 

Dishin ‘Days asked Chrishell, if Jordan could pop back up as a ghost, who would she choose to raise David. Would it be Rafe, Zoey (Christian’s older sister), or Christian?

“That’s so obvious it would be Rafe all day long.”

Sorry Brock, looks like Christian lost. 

Brock chimes in:

“I’m going to stand up and say I’m the best man for the job.” [laughs]

Aside from Days, Chrishell stars in the hit Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, and Season 2 just dropped. Chrishell feels fortunate, because not only is the show a big success, but she’s always had an interest in real estate.  

“Yeah..it was one of those things where it was a learning of my own process and trying to make good investments on my own side. So I got written off Days the first time..I was auditioning every once in a while but I needed more..I took classes while I was auditioning and then when I got my licenses. The time I came back to Days the second time I was already filming Selling Sunset. So it’s nice I created a second career in that.” 

Being a Soap actress and businesswoman at the same time is hard work. 

“I had real estate clients, at night I had to memorize my lines, and I had to put deals through, and deal with inspectors.”

Chrishell explains that one time after she got done filming an emotional scene, she quickly had to jump into business mode. 

“There was this one day I won’t forget. I had some crazy day of Jordan. I think it was one of the days where she was in the hospital crying to Rafe about her baby. Then I had to go to Selling Sunset and be a real estate  professional and meet these clients. On the way there I’m trying to get the mascara off [laughs] it was very interesting.” 

The show has received positive reviews and is a major success. Chrishell feels thankful to not only have support from soap fans but from Netflix fans as well. 

“Oh my god you guys we are number nine, last time I checked Netflix, in the world right now. Everyone from all of these other countries are sending me these screenshots, showing us in their top 10. Soap fans are unparalleled and they’re so supportive but I will say Netflix has a great global footprint. The second it goes live you’re in 190 countries ..there are all of these comments I’m blown away by.” 

Before Dishin Days let Chrishell and Brock go they wanted to know what their experience has been like on Days. 

“It was such a family orienete experience, the environment which is so welcoming whether it was actors..the crew, the production, whoever it was they were just so supportive.” Brock states, “the storyline was exhilarating, it kept me on my toes and it happened so quick.” 

Chrishell nods her head. 

“As an actor it’s fun to start one way and take it all the way to the other edge. That’s very fulfilling and fun..to play that huge arc of complete opposites…overall I’m so happy to be part of the show, they are family, and it’s always a revolving door and you never know nobody’s ever dead…there could be more stuff to more.” 

We’re hoping so! Like the saying goes no one is really “dead” in Salem. Make sure you all are watching Days of Our Lives, because they’re always keeping fans on edge. 

Thank you Chrishell and Brock for joining Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin ‘Days. 

Fans make sure you are following Chrishell and Brock on social media, so you’re up to date with their latest projects. 

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