Darius McCrary Jokes About Family Matters Reboot

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7/23/19 7:32AM

When it comes to the current age of television, reboots are aplenty, but there’s still one people are calling for: Family Matters.

Rumors around a new adaption of the show, which originally aired on ABC and CBS for nine seasons from 1989-1998, have been swirling for awhile, and now Darius McCrary is speaking out.

Speaking with Black Hollywood Live’s Inside The Black Actor’s Studio, with Danny Royce, McCrary joked he’s not sure he can handle his old character.

“I don’t wanna work with those people, especially that Eddie Winslow. Y’all have no idea what that dude put me through,” laughed McCrary. “He gave me my first joint!”

McCrary continued the gag in sharing what his alter-ego would do on set.

“I used to have to, you know, uh, run one girl out the front door of, of the, the stage and, and while he was running another chick out the back stage,” said McMcrary.

Eddie Winslow was famously a womanizer on the show, with lots of love interests.

So what is Eddie up to now? Well, McCrary assumes he’s still a ladies man…just a different kind.

“He probably running a ho-house in Chitown,” quipped McCrary, “Leave him where he is.”

Other former Family Matters cast members have spoken out about a reboot, including Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel. He recently told Entertainment Tonight Canada he’s open to it, but would like for it to be remade differently, similar to Fuller House.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we get a reunion!

Watch the full interview with McCrary at the link above.