Danica Patrick Opens Up About Her Emotional Therapy Journey

Danica Patrick, Former NASCAR Racer, opens up about emotional therapy following breakup. 

Megan Gallagher

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Posted On:August 11th, 2020 10:15 pm pst

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The former NASCAR racer, 38, opened up about her new wellness routine. Patrick took to Instagram on August 2nd, to share “The Class”, a mind and body transformative retreat and online community all about movement, breathwork and acknowledging what emotions come up. 

Following a very public breakup with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Patrick dove headfirst into seeking healing and peace of mind by signing up for the intuitive body energy work classes. 

Patrick wrote in her Instagram post detailing her experience: 

“I’ve got me. I’ve always have. 

I started doing @theclass last week because @lilyneils has been loving it and we did a few classes together. Turns out, now I do too! It’s emotional therapy through moving the body, breath & acknowledging what comes up. In class you put your hand on your heart and lower stomach(sacral) to reset the body between moves…… Today I put my left hand on my stomach……. and the back of my right hand on my back, surrounding the solar plexus chakra, and all I heard was I got you, I always have. That is the main chakra that lights up on me in life. ✨

We all “got” ourselves WAY more than we give ourselves credit for. That was the message for me today anyway. I mean…… we got this far didn’t we friends?!!!!


Chakras have been known to promote wellness, inner clarity & healing in the body as well as the mind. In certain cultures and spiritual practices, most believe that each human has 12 chakras. Starting with the crown chakra on top of your head and it goes down your body, at the very last one ending on the root chakra at your tailbone. 

It’s amazing that Danica shared about her healing journey and educated all of us on how powerful breathing, being mindful and noticing how our body feels really does make difference! Taking that time, whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes, to improve your daily life. Opening up and unblocking your chakras has been known  to reduce anxiety, create a feeling of balance and induce positivity. 

Patrick hiking during one of “The Class” workshops  

Source: Danica’s Instagram

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