Dancefluencer Amanda Lacount Talks Working Alongside Lizzo, Meghan Trainor, Oprah and Becoming Body Positive Icon

Amanda LaCount sat in on AfterBuzz TV’sThe Dance Influence with Dana Alexa interviewed . The 19 year old, who is quickly becoming a body positive icon, discussed working alongside legends like Meghan Trainor, Lizzo and Oprah, modeling for Forever 21 and Nike and the life of a Dancefluencer.

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Posted On: April 29th, 2020 3:46 pm pst

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ABTV The Dance Influence with Dana Alexa

This week on The Dance Influence, host Dana Alexa and Co-host Danielle Rose, got to chat with teen social media superstar, Amanda LaCount. At just 19 years old, Amanda has over 260k followers on Instagram and is quickly becoming a body positive icon rocking in jobs alongside legends like Meghan Trainor, Lizzo and Oprah and modeling for campaigns for brands like Forever 21, American Eagle and Nike.

Amanda is originally from Fort Collins, CO and began dancing at 2 years old. In 2015, Amanda moved to Los Angeles and shortly after was signed to Bloc Talent Agency. LaCount coined the popular hashtag #BreakingTheStereotype which already has almost 20k tags on IG,  to promote body positivity to prove that any “body” can be a dancer.  In this interview, Amanda gets deep and shares the meaning behind her hashtag, as well as the way she stays so positive through difficult industry experiences.

When Amanda was 11 years old she was on the competitive dance team at her studio in Colorado. At the end of the season, her coach felt that her body type didn’t fit his vision for the team, and she was let go. Even with this set back, Amanda’s mom encouraged her to forge ahead and jump back into dance.  After moving to LA a few years later, Amanda recounts how excited she was to be invited to her first red carpet event.  She met and asked for a photo with Richard Simmons and in front of the crows, Richard said, “If you want to be successful in this industry you’re going to have to lose 15 to 20 pounds.” 

Amanda really struggled with this criticism and negativity towards her body and her image, but with the help of her strong supportive mom, Amanda pushed through and got an agent within two months of living in LA. She said that one day she was scrolling through Instagram and noticed one of her friends and their dance hashtag and she wanted to create her own. “I wanted it to have a meaning and a reason why it’s my hashtag” says Amanda. She wanted this hashtag to be a representation of her dance career and who she is as a person but also to inspire dancers far and wide to love themselves as they are. Throughout her career as a dancer, she was criticized for her weight time and time again and told that she didn’t fit the stereotypical mold for a dancer’s physique. She thought, Instead of trying to conform to the stereotype she would break the stereotype instead. She has set out on a mission to prove you can be a  successful dancer and entertainer with any body type and there is no one “dancer’s body.” That, in fact, it’s the differences in all of us that create the beauty. 

Through social media, Amanda has begun to spread her message far and wide and receives support from huge celebrities, influencers and dancers all over the world who relate to her authentic mission and undeniable talent. Amanda posted a dance class video to Meghan Tranior’s song “Me Too” on Instagram that caught the attention of Meghan

 who liked the video and followed Amanda. Soon after, Amanda was able to work with Meghan and Amanda states, “I think without my social media, I wouldn’t have done half of the jobs I’ve done”. Social media has helped her gain a following and recognition that

 she deserves to influence others to #BreakTheStereotype. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this young, talented and driven dancer! 

“Followers at the end of the day does not equal talent” -Amanda

Amanda LaCount sat in on AfterBuzz TV’s The Dance Influence with Dana Alexa. The 19 year old, who is quickly becoming a body positive icon, discussed working alongside legends like Meghan Trainor, Lizzo and Oprah, modeling for Forever 21 and Nike and the life of a Dancefluencer.

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