CW Supergirl Melissa Benoist joins Justice League of Female Actor/Directors

CW Supergirl Melissa Benoist in her directing debut follows in the footsteps of Katie Cassidy on Arrow, Danielle Panabaker on a The Flash, & Caity Lotz On DC Legends of Tomorrow

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Posted On: May 10th, 2020 4:35pm pst

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ABTV Loves Supergirl Melissa Benoist

She is Kara Zor-El. She is Supergirl. And now, Melissa Benoist is officially a director! That’s right, the girl of steel has joined the directors club. Welcome back to the CW News Weekly, because you can’t spell “I can’t live without” without C-W.

This season of Supergirl has not only been a big deal for Benoist earning the chance to direct an episode, but this season also marked Supergirl reaching 100 episodes! 

This is always a tremendous feat for any tv series especially or a female protagonist of astronomical proportions. With layers of strength and wisdom, we cannot wait to see what more Kara Danvers can teach us!

This season of Supergirl has had lots of milestones such as the series reaching 100 episodes, and Melissa’s directorial debut was the first episode we were blessed with since the pandemic that caused a major 180° on a lot of different CW projects. 

Now, our favorite cape crusader is not the only actress-turned-director in the Arrowverse. Alongside her, some major CW actresses have made their directorial debuts on their respective shows. 

Arrow’s Katie Cassidy made her appearance as a director in season eight in “Leap of Faith.” But it didn’t take much faith to know that Cassidy can act, and direct. 

Danielle Panabaker got the opportunity to direct an episode of The Flash in season 5 titled “Godspeed.” And as always, it was an electrifying episode for the scarlet speedster. She has also directed episodes in season 6 as well! Keep it up frosty. 

Our most recent female director was Caity Lotz of DC Legends of Tomorrow in this most current season. The episode titled “Mortal Khanbat” was definitely something as kickass as Lotz’s character, Sara Lance. 

She is the director of steel, and what an incredible episode to have had directed! Capes off to you, Melissa. Congratulations on the directorial debut, and we cannot wait to see what else you add to your ever-growing list of accomplishments. 

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