Crop-Dusting…The New Ghosting?

Written by: Adam Carr – January 30th, 2020 5:47pm PT

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Roxy Striar’s lively brown eyes portrayed a hazelnut hue as she talked dates in L.A. (more bad than good) when she sat down in the “Horribly Hollywood” studio.

Striar dished about the time a guy literally farted on her in an attempt to dissuade her from ever seeing him again. Yes, you read that right, an adult “man,” whom Roxy had shared two dates with, clenched, released, and walked away quite literally leaving an impression.

“I guess I’ve actually never successfully dated a Los Angeles guy,” said Striar.

Roxy Striar

Coming off a fresh break up, Striar was eager to get back out there and against better judgment chose to go out with a younger guy. He was only 22, but by industry standards, might as well be a child. Their first outing was a day date at LACMA. It was a great location, Roxy admits, though she didn’t feel any chemistry. She struggled through a second date at the movies after being encouraged by her friends to give it another chance. Still, no connection.

Flash forward six months later and Roxy was out on another date with someone else. The younger LACMA/second awkward movie date guy recognizes her from across the bar. They make eye contact and he heads over. Roxy tells me she had no idea what to expect when suddenly the guy looks to her and says, “eat my shit.”

He then turned and farted on her. He walked away leaving Roxy and her date in a crop dusted haze of confusion.

Striar was completely at a loss for words. Being a Boston native, it can be hard to find guys in L.A. that measure up to her East Coast standards. And by standards we mean guys that don’t fart on you.

“Boston guys,” she said, “very straight up, know who they are, know what they want. L.A. guys [are] usually really into themselves.”

Striar certainly understands the narcissism that comes with this business. She’s known what she’s wanted to do since she was three years old.

You can find her daily on Twitter/IG @roxystriar talking pop culture and fighting for causes like WWF Australia as she did this past weekend. Creating an online presence over the last 10 years between programs like The Tomorrow Show, Collider Live, Screen Junkies and her fast growing Youtube channel, Striar is committed to being a lasting influence in a seemingly forgetful town.

And she’s taken that motto to forget all about awkward LACMA guy. What was his name again?

About The Author:

Adam Carr is a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television for Acting. He moonlights as a hand model and lives in Playa Vista with his fiancé Amy, and rescue cat Gus Crookshanks.

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