Crisis On Infinite Earths: Part Four Season 8 Episode 8 ‘Arrow’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 4: Arrow. Arrow opens with a flashback to the monitors home planet 10,000 years ago. while the sequence was supposed to explain how Nar Novu accidentally created the Anti Monitor , the thing that stands out is the relationship between Mar and his wife. Once we see how the anti monitor was born, the episode catches up with the surviving paragons, who are disheartened and stuck at the vanishing point. It turns out that Barry Allen ran into the speed force months ago and he finally returns here, but from his perspective, he’s only been gone a few seconds. Oliver Queen has transformed into the Spectre and arrives at the Vanishing point to rally his friends once again. He gives Barry ultimate power and Barry takes them to the dawn of time to stop Mar Novu from making his mistake. Whatever they do though ultimately has no effect because there will always be a Mar Novu in the multiverse who cant help but meddle with time. The paragons realize they need to use their Paragon-ness to fan the flame and rebirth the universe. In the end, the anti monitor disappears and Oliver falls to the ground and dies surrounded by Barry and Sara.
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