COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the 2020 Emmys!

Written by: Alexandria Jordan – March 27th 2020, 4:48pm pst

COVID-19 has been shaking things up around the world. Not only is the outbreak a human tragedy, but it is affecting everything from businesses to several Hollywood events. The 2020 Emmys was one of the most recent events to feel the wrath of COVID-19.

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Although the 2020 Emmy’s date will remain the same, there has been a shift in the timeline of events leading up to the awards. Also, all the “For Your Consideration” events have been suspended. Due to COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the world, the Board of Governors voted to push back the first round of voting.

Instead of the first round of voting taking place in late June, nominations will now run from July 2 through July 14. Nominations will be announced July 28.

The entry deadline was pushed back to June 5. Although series still need to premiere by May 31, “hanging episodes” and the required six-episode runs have to be broadcast or posted on an accessible platform by June 30. The extra month will accommodate production and post-production delays.

Additionally, the TV Academy has suspended FYC events this season, whether it be live audience, streaming, or recorded for posting on a viewing platform.
Although firm campaigning plans will be carried out by the start of April, few are still unsure how to approach the Emmy campaign season right now due to everyone being ordered to “Stay at Home”. Most of the voting body and people pitching their projects, along with everyone else in the world, have to remain in their homes until further notice.

Due to COVID-19, several high profile projects had to stop production and post-production on all scripted programming, forcing them out of contention. FX’s Fargo and HBO’s The Undoing are a few of the projects that had to push back their premiere dates.

Even with all the disruptions and changes, there is still a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. Emmy voting and Emmy campaigning doesn’t require face-to-face meetings. Also, since DVD screeners were recently banned by the TV Academy, all eligible projects are made available to stream online.

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Although the final round of voting is shortened by four days, it is still on schedule running Aug 21 – 31. The 2020 Primetime Emmys will be handed out Sunday, Sept. 20. Even with these dates currently set, the TV Academy remains flexible and will monitor recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the LA County Department of Public Health.

The Revised Emmy Awards Calendar
June 5: Entry deadline
July 2: Nominations-round voting begins
July 13: Nominations-round voting ends
July 28: Nominations announced
August 21: Final-round voting begins
August 31: Final-round voting ends

The 2020 Primetime Emmys is still set to air on ABC this year.

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