Courtney Stodden Song Butterfly Shocks Haters, Surprises Music Critics & Inspires All

Courtney Stodden (a.k.a. Ember) of Celebrity Big Brother has released an inspirational pop single about how we change to rise above the pain.

Jason M. Lucia

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Posted On: May 13th, 2020 6:40pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine Music Discoveries: Courtney Stodden

In trying times, one thing that can feed the light in us and give us hope is music. AfterBuzz TV proudly presents ‘Quarantine Music Discoveries’.  These are the inspirational new voices emerging from isolation, cherished voices that get us through. It’s our pleasure to share them with you during this, our most challenging time.  In this installment, we’re listening to Courtney Stodden’s “Butterfly”.

Credit: Courtney Stodden Instagram

Courtney Stodden’s road to stardom has been unusual, to say the least.  She first surfaced in pop consciousness as the 16 year old blonde bombshell child bride of an actor in decline who was living on the royalties from minor roles in major movies.  She looked older than 16 when the spotlight hit her.  Older than 21, almost.  In the age of reality TV, a scandalous relationship can become a career, and even in her small town childhood, Courtney had dreamt of the kind of stardom that Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith enjoyed, minus the parts that destroyed them.  She was a child in the middle nowhere, styling herself like a Melrose Avenue shopping goddess.  It was only a matter of time before her writhing in the threads of the world wide web caught the attention of a predator.  A courtly predator.  She was wooed into a Hollywood life with no preparation for the savage backwash of all that glitter.  She had great vocal talent and big dreams and a sincere love for her 50 year old husband, it seems.  And her parents did sign off on the arrangement.

Credit: Courtney Stodden Instagram

But what do we know about love at 16?  At 50, we maybe know a little too much.  And what can prepare us for the psychological carnage of social media in a world that makes you a product and punishes every kind of innocence?  Maybe her physical “maturity” made it emotionally okay for voices at every level of fame to ridicule and trash young Courtney at every opportunity.  She put out lovely music as “Ember”, but her actual talents were obscured by the grind of sustaining Reality TV fame, which is always a trick of light and anxiety.  Shows like Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother make entertainment out of breakdowns and humiliations the stars suffer while they’re under surveillance.  A kinder world might have treated her like a misguided ingenue instead of like a joke.  A kinder world, in the midst of the 24/7 paparazzi feeding frenzy, might have remembered amidst the vicious digs that Courtney was a child.

Credit: Courtney Stodden Instagram

It’s been 10 years since the spotlight hit her, since she escaped the bullying of a small town that didn’t understand her with the blessings of parents who should have known better, into the arms of a troubled man over 30 years her senior, into an arena of bullying on a scale she could not have imagined.  Did she manage this bumpy ride gracefully? Did this inappropriately sexualized and exploited little girl maintain her composure as destiny threw her off a cliff?  Some hardboiled souls might suggest that the most important thing in the cruel world of showbiz is who is still standing in the aftermath.  And Courtney is still standing. In the wake of all the ridicule and the confusion and a tragic miscarriage and the bitter end of a controversial relationship that she nonetheless believed in, in the heartbreaking he said/she said aftermath of a love gone wrong, in the middle of a pandemic where Courtney is quarantined with her dream and her demons, Courtney is still standing…and the dream is winning.

Credit: Courtney Stodden Instagram

“Butterfly” is a ravishing piece of pop music, the sound of a star-crazy girl who has become a wiser woman in a shimmering decade-long warzone of twitter-bombs and instagram attacks and brutal disappointments.  If all you know of her is the performative reality of her telepresence, the seductive scratchy delicacy of her vocal stylings might surprise you.  Her command of her voice is confident enough to sound gracefully broken.  It’s the sound of someone with a great inner beauty who is tired of being cute and who wants to tell the truth.  The place of painful reflection her jagged journey brought her to might seem to be a prison to a weaker soul, after everything she hoped for.  Courtney Stodden has chosen to reimagine her dark place as a cocoon, where her metamorphosis is underway, into a being that’s maybe a little closer to who she wanted to be when she sashayed into fame, but only on the surface.  The woman she has become is so much more interesting and powerful than what she dreamed.  This is the heart-song of someone who is discovering her truest self in the process of singing it into being.  She reminds us in the process that we are all cocooned, to varying degrees, at different stages of our great unfolding.  All of us, cocooned by the wounds of who we’ve loved and who we’ve been.  All of us, butterflies, waiting to be born, closer to taking wing every time we sing our truth.

Credit: Courtney Stodden Facebook

Even if you think you know who Courtney Stodden is, I suggest you give “Butterfly” a listen.  This is the sound of the real Courtney, and you might find that in the context of this song, she seems to know you, too.  The sounds that flow forth from her journey will be worth waiting for and slipping into as they emerge, and perhaps the most meaningful and inspirational thing we can see in stars of any genre is that they turned their pain into some kind of music.

Credit: Lifetime

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