Cindy Busby’s Inside Look On Hallmark Channel’s ‘Chasing Waterfalls’

Cindy Busby talks about her favorite scenes while filming her new Hallmark movie ‘Chasing Waterfalls’, working with her co-stars Christopher Russell, Cassidy Nugent, and writer/director Christie Will Wolf. 

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Posted On: March 16th, 2021 6:47 pm pst

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Cindy Busby Interview

Credit: Hallmark/Crown Media

Photographer Amy Atwater [Busby] just landed her big break with her company. Assigned to photograph mythical waterfalls, she travels to a remote lodge for a few days. Not only does the beauty of nature catch her eye but so does her handsome tour guide Mark Long [Christopher Russell]. Determined to impress her boss with her photography skills Mark and his daughter Kyra [Cassidy Nugent] tag along and help Amy find all of the waterfalls she needs to photograph. Throughout the trip Amy starts to develop feelings for Mark as he pushes her to try new things and not let fear hold her back.

Hallmark star, Cindy Busby joins Chelsie Overocker from House of Hallmark to talk about Chasing Waterfalls premiering Saturday March 20th on the Hallmark Channel at 9/8pm central. 

Thank you Cindy for joining us today and congratulations on the wedding!

“Thank you so much! Yeah we finally took the big plunge. [laughs] it was a very small event of course but we did it our way. We absolutely had the most wonderful time and we are so grateful to finally be married! We have been together several years now so it was the perfect day!” 

We loved seeing all of your photos on Instagram. You looked gorgeous. A lot of exciting things are coming up and we are looking forward to your new Hallmark movie Chasing Waterfalls

“It’s such a special movie because the scenery is so unbelievable in this movie! I mean we really were outside 95 percent of the time. We’re scaling rocks and mountains and on the side of a cliff where there’s a waterfall. It’s really, really beautifully shot.” Cindy states, “I am so excited for everyone to see it because it does feel like the lead character in the movie is mother nature than it is me and Chris Russell.”[laughs]

That’s what we love about this movie! The scenery is gorgeous and does play a big part in the film. Where did you film Chasing Waterfalls

“The movie was shot in British Columbia in Canada. BC is very well known for its natural beauty and I feel like we really showed that in this movie. Surprising enough a lot of the waterfalls and areas we shot at were all within an hour and a half of Vancouver proper. Which is pretty amazing because you almost feel like you are in the jungles of Costa Rica when you watch the movie.” 

In the movie, your character Amy is assigned to photograph several waterfalls. Which waterfall was your favorite to shoot at?

“Probably the last one in the movie which I won’t give too much away but that one was absolutely stunning. In fact, when we shot there on that day we weren’t allowed to post any photos of where we were because they really wanted to keep that location hidden which I thought was really cool. So it does fit beautifully with the story as well.” 

That’s cool that they wanted to keep the location hidden and you are right it does fit perfectly within the storyline. Every scene in this movie is special. Which one is your favorite? 

“One of my favorite scenes is where Christopher Russell and I are on a canoe and he’s rowing. The way we shot it was right next to our boat. We had a paddle boat and then we had another boat which had the cameraman and the focus puller and the director. So there were like five people on that trying to keep up with Chris Russell rowing and then you had Stirling the cameraman who was standing up on the boat. How he did that I don’t even know but it was so cool, so when you watch that scene everyone will know that there was another boat next to us.”

Thanks for sharing. We love hearing all of the behind the scenes secrets and it’s amazing what a cameraman will do to film a scene. We are glad he didn’t fall into the water while shooting plus trying to keep up with your own boat while Chris was rowing.

“Thank goodness I didn’t have to do any of the rowing. It was Chris Russell.” [laughs]

What also makes this movie unique is your main set was outside in nature. Just to start shooting you had to hike to get to your location. 

“Getting to hike in nature or walk in nature or exercise in nature is so much better than being indoors to be honest. It’s kind of like that effortless exercise where you don’t feel like you’re exercising which is always nice for me anyway [laughs] some of the places we had to hike in were about 20 minutes before we actually got to our location.” 

Wow you had to hike 20 minutes to get your location! You definitely did get your exercise but you are right it doesn’t feel like you are working out when you get to do what you love to do. Plus get to work with an amazing cast and crew. When we saw that you were starring in another movie with Christopher Russell we were excited to watch this movie. Love in the Forecast is still one of our favorites. 

“He’s truly one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked with. He’s so funny. He’s so professional and always extremely prepared. But he’s so fun and he’s great at doing improv and having a good time with it. It’s always super easy to work with and he’s truly become a friend now. Honestly, I am so grateful for the incredible people I get to work with constantly.” Cindy explains, “getting to perform as an actor is my dream come true but to get to do that with fun outgoing people, that’s just icing on the cake.” 

Another young actress we enjoyed seeing you work with was Cassidy Nugent who plays Kyra. 

“She’s so adorable and so sweet and she’s so talented. It was interesting because I didn’t know her ahead of time and I know I see a couple people online being like, ‘does she play your daughter?’ She definitely could or maybe my sister I don’t know. Sorry Cassidy that’s more of a compliment for me [laughs] but she’s so great and really grew so much throughout the movie. She’s just a spunky cute actress and I’m really excited for her and her career. I think she has a lot of incredible things coming her way.” 

We agree, we are excited to see where her career leads. What the audience is going to like the most between Kyra and Amy is that they help each other conquer their fears. 

There is one scene where your character is nervous to jump backwards down a steep hill of rocks while hanging onto a rope. Mark and Kyra are both encouraging Amy to conquer her fears. Just like your character was there a time you can recall where you were scared to try something new for the first time but felt relieved after doing it? 

“There’s so many things! First of all, sitting on a cliff in a lot of these scenes in this movie is conquering a fear because I’m actually quite scared of heights. I get that whole vertigo thing and it doesn’t feel comfortable so doing that was something in and of itself. But I feel like there are so many instances in life. For me to even go camping for the first time. Which happened when I was in my 20’s.” Cindy explains, “ I heard a quote recently where your imagination is always worse than reality and it’s so true. We always overthink things and then when we actually do them the exhilaration of having accomplished something that we didn’t feel comfortable doing is always so much worth it than living in that fear and not doing it.” 

Great advice Cindy! You are so right, we will always regret the things we never tried. The best part of trying something new is you never know where the path might lead you. The possibilities are endless. 

That’s one message we picked on in the movie is feeling okay getting out of your comfort level. Christie Will Wolf was the writer and director for this movie. How was it being able to work with her again? 

“I feel so grateful to be in her circle. She has been doing this for decades. She’s been writing her own movies. She made a movie called Slightly Single In LA years ago with so many up-and-coming people and she made it happen! She is super loyal to the people she loves to work with. She’s so fun and so kind. I truly have nothing bad to say about her. She’s just really cool…I agree with you. She likes to bring comedy in and where there isn’t necessarily comedy she pushes us toward the comedy. She’s like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah try that and let’s do that.’ She loves for us to do improv and adds on to that. It’s a nice environment where there is room to play.” 

We are fans of all the movies that Christie has written and directed with Hallmark so far. We like how she encourages the actors to try improv and just let the scene unfold. Is there a particular scene that you filmed in this movie that you won’t forget. 

“The scene where Chris Russell and I go swimming in the waterfall. It’s a small scene but let me tell you that water was not warm [laughs] it was so cold but literally we couldn’t even be in the water for more than 10 minutes because it was that cold. So when everybody watches that it looks good but just know it didn’t feel good.”

Noted! Thank you Cindy for coming on the House of Hallmark to talk about your new movie Chasing Waterfalls and sharing some behind the scene secrets while filming. 

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can share with us?

“Yeah! It’s really exciting, I just finished shooting a movie called The Honey Girls which is a Sony pictures worldwide movie and the lead in it is Ashanti and there’s a lot of incredible up-and-coming singers and I’m super excited. They just announced the movie last week. My character is totally hilarious and totally out there in this movie. I have a lot of other projects coming up but following me on social media is the best way to kind of keep up with what’s coming out next.”

Congratulations on The Honey Girls sounds like a great movie. Make sure you all follow Cindy on Instagram @Cindy_Busby and Twitter @Cindy_Busby

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“Thank you so much Chelsie. I really appreciate your love and support constantly and congrats on the show. I’m super excited for you.” 

Thank you Cindy! I will definitely have you back on the House of Hallmark to talk about your future projects. Make sure you all check out Chasing Waterfalls premiering Saturday March 20th on the Hallmark Channel. 

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