Cindy Busby’s Exclusive On Romance In The Air

Cindy Busby is starring in Hallmark Channel’s new summer film, Romance in the Air and she  talks about her experience shooting with Torrance Coombs & Sashleigha Brady. Plus, overcoming one of her fears while filming.

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Posted On: July 21st, 2020 5:57 pm pst

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Hallmark star, Cindy Busby is starring in another Hallmark movie, Romance in the Air, premiering on August 1st. 

With her job on the line, Edan Clark [Busby] returns to Lake Tahoe with her friend Kate [Sashleigha Brady] to clear her mind. During her trip, she runs into her old childhood friend Riley [Torrance Coombs] who is struggling with his hot air balloon business. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

 To take her mind off of work, Edan volunteers to help Riley market his company and grow his business. But in the process of growing his business she finds that her and Riley are also growing closer together. After spending a few weeks in Lake Tahoe, Edan discovers that her life has taken her down an unexpected path where she finds the happiness she has been missing back at home. 

Cindy gives AfterBuzz TV an exclusive on her new film, Romance in the Air, and we learn that she had to overcome one of her biggest fears while shooting the movie. 

As soon as Cindy joined the call she was excited to talk with us here at AfterBuzz and about her new Hallmark movie. The feelings are mutual Cindy! 

Before we asked her about the film we wanted to know if she was still continuing her home renovations. Last time we connected with Cindy she mentioned that home renovations was keeping her busy during quarantine. 

She laughs.

“Oh good, that’s what I was doing in the beginning of quarantine to feel useful…just a lot of cleaning to keep busy.” 

But now Cindy is keeping busy with new projects and getting excited for the premiere of her new movie, Romance in the Air

Credit: Hallmark Channel

This movie definitely has the most gorgeous views in a Hallmark film. What an amazing experience for the cast and crew to shoot at all of these stunning locations! Especially at Lake Tahoe. 

Cindy agreed and stated that this was her first time visiting Lake Tahoe. She couldn’t believe how beautiful the locations were. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“As soon as I heard that we were filming in Lake Tahoe that was definitely a selling point for me! We shot this movie in three different locations…Salt Lake, Park City Utah, and ended in Lake Tahoe…which I’ve never been before….when we arrived in Lake Tahoe I was like holy moly this place is next level! How is this even a real place?

Cindy continues. 

“Lake Tahoe is on the border of Nevada and California. You take one step forward, you’re in Nevada, you take one step back, you’re in California..filming in nature how lucky am I to be here. 

So lucky Cindy! We would be blown away too if we had the opportunity to film at all of these stunning locations. 

Cindy and her co-star Torrance have great on screen chemistry and we love the dialogue between their two characters. We met Torrance the other day and during his exclusive interview with us on Romance in the Air, he mentioned that he and Cindy worked together before on Heartland. Torrance stated that she is chill, fun, sweet and real. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“Aww thanks, it was really cool we worked together a decade ago. We kept in touch through social media…when I found out that we were filming this movie I messaged him, ‘I can’t believe we are going to work together again’..and we picked up right where we left off… he’s just a nice down to earth guy.” 

We love hearing that Cindy and Torrance have a great friendship off screen. Especially when there were scenes that included them paddle boarding. We’re sure they supported each other! Plus, they both looked like pros while filming those scenes.

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“I’m happy we can make people think we are pros [laughs], “I’ve done it a couple of times…but what made this time different was I’m on camera and I had to be more cautious… we shot this back in October and it was chilly…we are out there in our bathing suits and I did not want to fall out into the water [laughs].

We don’t blame you Cindy. We would not want to fall in the water either especially in the middle of October. 

A scene where you see their two characters (Edan and Riley) connecting for the first time is when they are sitting on the dock. Cindy mentions that this is one of her favorite scenes in the movie and we agree.  

“I really liked the dock scene where Riley and Edan are  sitting on the edge of the dock drinking a cola watching the  sunset.. So peaceful… that was honestly my favorite and the first time in the movie you see Riley and Edan connecting.”

Here is an exclusive clip of Riley and Edan on the dock together. 

Who wouldn’t love this scene? Their chemistry on screen is beautiful. 

Another favorite scene is when Edan and Riley are flying over the lake in a hot air balloon. Cindy had to conquer her fear of heights when shooting her scenes in the hot air balloon. Cindy states that she was nervous. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

“Torrance has been in a hot air balloon before, he was the one telling me to not worry about anything. It’s such a cool thing to do…I was scared and I’m scared of heights.. I called my agents and told them I don’t know if I could do it…  but everyone on set made me feel comfortable…once I was in the hot air balloon I wasn’t nervous anymore.” 

Cindy also learned a valuable lesson while filming Romance in the Air

“What I learned is to never let your fears get in the way…and take the leap…just like my character Eden she’s going through the motions with her job and her relationship with Michael…she’s torn of what she wants…all of us have gone through that, sometimes you need to take the unsafe option…in reference to the balloon…letting go and doing something crazy!”

Credit: Hallmark Channel

Great analogy Cindy! This is why we love Hallmark movies, they always have great metaphors about life. 

Cindy also enjoyed working with her co-star Sashleigha Brady who plays Kate, her best friend in the movie. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

 “How beautiful is the name Sashleigha? She’s honestly such an angel, she’s the sweetest, and most tentative actor I know. It was easy to have that chemistry. What I like about their friendship is Kate never lets Edan get away anything… she holds her accountable with her actions…any good friend in life is going to keep you accountable.. And that was shown in the Kate character.’ 

Cindy gushes. 

“Fun how Kate and Michael get together..when you know something is not meant for you…why stop someone else from being happy. Big moment for Eden and that it wasn’t about her…huge character growth!” 

That’s so true Cindy! We definitely see a change in Eden’s character towards the end of the movie and we love that she was able to not let her feelings get in the way of a new relationship. That’s a lesson we all can learn from. 

Fun fact, 12 years ago Cindy’s movie, Picture This, starring her and Ashley Tisdale came out. Cindy loved shooting that film and stated that the cast were amazing to work with as well.

“Omg so a fan posted that trailer… that was so long ago…I look like such a baby… I loved working with Ashley Tisdale and spending time together. We shot this movie in my hometown Montreal, Canada and looking back on that’s fun to see where everyone’s careers have gone…looking back from how far I’ve come I feel fortunate and life is amazing. 

Before we let Cindy go we were curious if she was watching any of the Hallmark Christmas movies that are now airing during the Christmas in July movie marathon. 

“A little bit, as much as I can..but I honestly don’t have too much time to watch anything but Christmas movies are my favorite. Who doesn’t love Christmas?? Sometimes when I’m in my car and my playlist is on shuffle a Christmas song comes on .. I  should change it.. but I don’t!” [laughs]

We’re right there with you Cindy! We probably wouldn’t change the song either and you’re right, who doesn’t love Christmas? 

Thank you Cindy for talking with us here at AfterBuzz TV and we are excited for the premier of Romance in the Air! Please keep us updated on any future projects that you are working on. 

Credit: Hallmark Channel

Fans, make sure to keep up with Cindy on social media @cindy_busby and be sure to check out her other Hallmark movies! 

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