Cindy Busby Exclusive on Hallmark Channel’s Love In the Forecast

Cindy Busby exclusive on her new Hallmark Channel film, Love in the Forecast airing Saturday, June 13th. Talks onscreen chemistry with Christopher Russell and working with director Christie Will Wolf. Also reminisces about Unleashing Mr. Darcy and connecting w/ Ryan Paevey & Tammy Gillis. 

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Posted On: May 27th, 2020 3:43pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Cindy Busby  

Cindy Busby is a Canadian actress known for her work on the Hallmark Channel. She has starred in fan favorite Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Marrying Mr. Darcy, When Calls the Heart, and her new movie Love in the Forecast permering on Hallmark Saturday, June 13th. 

She has also guest starred in popular TV Series including: The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The L.A Complex, and The Secret Circle.

Cindy just recently played the role of Jillian in Web of Dreams, which has earned 14 LEO nominations.

Cindy Busby joined Afterbuzz TV’s Quarantine With the Stars where she let fans in on her life in quarantine, but also gave an exclusive look on her upcoming movie with the Hallmark Channel, Love in the Forecast

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Cindy is looking radiant with a pink wallpaper background. 

“Thank you, thank you, nothing like a good wallpaper to make your day better.” 

That’s right Cindy, it’s important to have a good background especially since we are using Zoom and Facetime to connect with people these days. 

We asked her what she has been doing during quarantine while living in these uncertain times. 

“I’m actually doing really well, I have taken this opportunity to just really reflect and do a lot of self work and do a lot of home renovations. There is always light within darkness… I’m a very spiritual person so this really allowed me to kind of exercise the skills and the tools that I’ve acquired over the years… it’s easy to kind of live in fear and live in doubt in uncertain times but it’s also a choice to live in the moment and surrender to what’s going on and know that everything is happening in our favor. That’s how I choose to see it.”

We love Cindy’s positive mindset, and she does make an excellent point. There is always light within darkness, but it’s important for us to believe there will be a time where everything will be good again. Take this opportunity to focus on how you will become a stronger person. 

Cindy states the only thing hard about quarantine is not having the luxury of connecting with people in person. 

“I definitely miss hugging people [laughs] being a French Canadian… I want to hug my friends! That’s what I really miss is human interaction.”

On a positive note her new Hallmark movie, Love in the Forecast is premiering Saturday, June 13th. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“I feel really blessed to do this movie, right before all of this went down. What a way to go out with a bang to do an amazing Hallmark movie and have it air during this time..I feel really grateful.”

This is the perfect time to cuddle on the couch and watch a feel good movie that will take our minds off of covid-19. After having an early sneak preview of Love in the Forecast we have to say this one of our favorites so far. 

“Aww thank’s a fun one that’s for sure.” Cindy hints. 

Love in the Forecast is about Leah [Busby] who is a bubbly on-air weather reporter working her way up to become a meteorologist. To make sure she achieves her career goal, she decides to not date for a full year. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

During this time she meets her new neighbor Mark [Christopher Russell] who gives her a different perspective on how to view the weather and believes that it’s not always about calculations but just simply listening to mother nature. While their paths keep crossing, Leah starts to rethink her ‘no dating rule’ and learns that maybe you can find love while pursuing a career.

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

A lot of women (including us) can relate to Leah, and Cindy didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to work with Christie Will Wolf, the director of the movie. 

“I thought the script was really fun and I love working with Hallmark as well as working with Christie Will Wolf who directed the movie. I’ve never worked with her before, but I’ve heard so many incredible things about her…I felt that I knew her. This was clearly an opportunity that has come my way.”

Cindy and Christoper Russell have great on screen chemistry in this film, and they both have worked together in other projects before being cast in this. 

“I have actually worked with Chrisopher Russell who plays Mark in the movie. I’ve worked with him for four years or so on a movie called A Puppy for Christmas, but at that time we didn’t have as many scenes together whereas in this one we’re actual love interests..all the pieces fell together.” 

One of our favorite scenes from the movie is when Leah and Mark are having a picnic in the living room, eating cheese sticks. Mark is curious as to why Leah is not choosing to date anyone for a year and you can see he starts taking an interest in her. 

Cindy smiles while nodding her head. 

“It’s just one of those things of having fun with the material..we were genuinely not just the characters but two people who were having fun…a lot of the directors I work with, and Christie is like this too, but you give one take that’s true to the script and true to your character and then sometimes you can play around with a bit of improvisation..give more lightness..give it more groundedness. Sometimes they use those takes sometimes they don’t but for the cheese stick picnic in the living room scene that was one of the scenes where we were just having fun with it and we ate about 30 cheese sticks.” [laughs]

Cheese sticks weren’t the only food Cindy was eating on set. In a lot of scenes her character eats a variety of snacks. 

Cindy laughs.

“I know I felt like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven..he eats in like every scene! But I think if there is a scene where you’re supposed to eat I’m gonna eat I’m not gonna pretend to eat or kind of play with my a viewer when I see it I’m like come on just eat it!”

We love it! As an actor it’s important to make things look as realistic as possible and appreciate that Cindy will do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

“If that means I have to eat less at lunch because I’m gonna eat five sandwiches in the next scene then that’s what I’m gonna do.” [laughs]

Love in The Forecast has a lot of rainy scenes and Cindy gives us insights on how they shot this movie in Vancouver. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“Surprisingly enough we shot this movie in February and that is when it’s rainy season in Vancouver.. and we’re thinking, okay, great it’s going to be rainy everyday…it only rained two days [laughs].” 

“It’s crazy how those kinds of things happen..when you want rain it doesn’t rain [laughs] but we had rain towers because rain doesn’t show up on camera unless it’s really big droplets. The scenes where you see that it’s raining in the movie we are being poured on.”

The costume department had to come prepared on set to make sure the cast members would look good between scenes. 

“The costume department had to have blow dryers on set..there are so many things behind the scenes that need to happen for movies like this to come together and I love sharing those kind of tidbits.” 

Thanks for sharing Cindy. We love hearing all the behind the scene secrets, especially on a movie that depended on rain for a lot of the scenes. Since weather was a big factor on making this movie did that push back production? 

“Normally the Hallmark movies are three weeks so it’s 15 shooting days. This movie was a 14 day wasn’t that bad..the actors who work on Hallmark a lot are used to coming really prepared to do the work. Showing up..there’s a lot of great chemistry that needs to be built. Not only when the cameras are on but behind the cameras and so when you show up for the work it’s just there and it’s ready to go.” 

That’s impressive, 14 days to shoot a movie! Cindy mentions that when filming a Hallmark film, everyone shows up prepared! She even gives insights on how she memorizes her own lines. 

“It takes a lot of work, I think of Soap Operas where they have to work on 40 pages a day!..People ask how do you memorize all your lines..but imagine going to the gym and you pick up a hundred pound weights..I’m going to work myself to two hundred pounds then add on 10, to 15 to 20.  The more you work at it and….being consistent with the work that you’ll gain the skill…I see it that way…the more you memorize lines, the more you work with scripts the easier it becomes…if the work is written really well your brain just absorbs the words and with Hallmark scripts it’s usually like that for me.” 

Besides the scripts, Hallmark always chooses the best location to film. We wanted to know what Cindy’s favorite location to shoot at was. 

“I definitely loved being on the farm. I’m so obsessed with animals, I loved every second of it. There was a baby lamb…so cute…okay so they shot this scene with the character that plays Mark, Christoper Russell’s father, he holds the lamb and they shot that scene and I was hanging around talking with someone probably eating something [laughs] and they were like yeah we shot a scene with the lamb and I’m like what!? Who got to hold the lamb!? I wanted to hold the lamb.”

Cindy explains that Hallmark takes very good care of their animals when they are on set. 

“They had this little heat lamp for it so it can stay nice and warm. There was a dog that just had puppies so there were seven puppies running around randomly and there were baby cows…and of course the character Brody which is the dog who is played by the one and only Kevin. He was the best and so well trained. Any scene that he was in he was truly amazing and anyone who is watching my Instagram stories at the time when we were shooting the movie I was posting about Kevin all the time and my dog voice is very annoying.” [laughs]

She even confesses that if an animal is well trained they can sometimes be easier to work with then the actors. 

“If you have an animal that is really well trained and a really good trainer and people that come prepared it can actually be easier and sometimes they make us actors look bad.” [laughs] 

We can see that all they need are treats to stay focused. 

“Yeah, they’re like, yeah, treat? No problem. Maybe if someone is holding a cookie for me I’d probably be on target too.” [laughs].

Without giving away too many spoilers, there are a few scenes where Cindy and Christopher are working with cows and we wanted to know how that experience was. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“I think cows are majestic and beautiful and they’re just like dogs honestly. They’re super curious, they’re so playful..but if we moved anywhere towards them they would kind of walk away or hop away sort of thing..and so we were very gentle with them. But there was this scene or two when we had the cows right next to us but we both weren’t paying attention to them in the scene and I remember one take when one of the cows was likcing my leg! I was trying to stay in the moment and focus on remembering my lines…it was so funny…and then in another take there was this cow right above Chris’s shoulder like,‘hey whats up guys’ [laughs] but they are so cute.”

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

This isn’t Cindy’s first time working with animals. In Unleashing Mr. Darcy, her character Elizabeth Scott showcases her dog throughout the film.   

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“Yeah so there are these Wranglers in Vancouver that are used for a lot of movies. They’re the same ones that I’ve used for Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Marrying Mr. Darcy as well as Love In the Forecast. They’ve trained everything from ducks, cats, dogs, monkeys, bears..I love working with them so anytime I see their names on the call sheet I’m like, ‘yes!’” 

Cindy also loves animals and anytime she has the opportunity to work with them on set she feels lucky. 

“Any day I get to work with an animal is a brilliant day. I just think animals put everything at ease. They’re just so in the moment and present and loving.” 

Her co-star in Unleashing Mr. Darcy was Ryan Paevey, who portrayed Donovan Darcy. Cindy mentioned that it was great working with him and the entire cast. Everyone’s personalities clicked together on day one. 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“It’s one of those movies that came about. I think with Ryan that was his first Hallmark movie as a lead and that was my first Hallmark movie as a lead and everyone in Unleashing Mr. Darcy has now been in so many Hallmark movies, including Tammy Gillis. It’s one of those things where everything fell into place.The story was amazing..everyone loves Pride and Prejudice so that whole storyline is so beloved and I’m beyond grateful that people who love Pride and Prejudice loved our version.” 

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

Everyone loved the big mansion they filmed at for a few scenes, and Cindy remembers everyone hanging out in the basement playing games in between takes. 

“We had so much fun shooting that first movie. We were playing games all of the time, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a moment where we weren’t always together. Especially when we shot in that big mansion, the green room was in the basement and we would play games and eat lunch there…I think when people legitimately bond together it shows up on camera and people wanted more, and surprisingly we got a second one!” 

Yes! We were all excited when Hallmark announced that there will be a sequel, Marrying Mr. Darcy.

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

“That was intentionally not in the plan, but because the fans asked for it, they received it and that really just shows how much the Hallmark loyalty matters.”

We agree Cindy and Hallmarkies are hoping for a third one, possibly? 

“Who knows?  People have asked me so many times and I’m so down to do another one..fingers crossed…you never know!” 

Our fingers are crossed. Thank you Cindy for sharing behind the scene insights on Love in the Forecast which is premiering June 13th on the Hallmark Channel

For the full interview check out the video 

Hallmarkies! Make sure you are following Cindy on social media to keep up her latest projects and more exclusives on “Love in the Forecast.”

Credit: The Hallmark Channel

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