Ciara Hanna Loves Staying Connected W/ Power Ranger Fans Through Zoom

Power Rangers MegaForce and Super MegaForce, Yellow Ranger Ciara Hanna,  miss meeting up with fans at Comic-Cons but she is taking advantage of this recharging time. 

Gunner Teixeira

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Posted On: August 12th, 2020 8:55 pm pst

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“The moment I got the call that I was going to be the MegaForce and Super MegaForce, Yellow Ranger will forever be imprinted in my mind.” 

Hanna is honored to be a part of the Power Ranger family, which has brought her so many amazing memories. And with joining this family, she has also gotten the joy of being a part of Comic-Con. 

“You are able to meet people from all around the world and from all walks of life and connect with them!”

Credit: Brad E Young

One of the coolest things about Hanna is that she is frequently working on fan films. Hanna loves meeting fans at Comic Cons and connecting with them. 

“I love watching people be creative and putting in the work! Conventions have been an amazing place to meet fans… I am a big believer in supporting friends and their passions… Being on set with them is so professional, and it is always organized and fun!”

Hanna has been taking full advantage of these social distancing times, using it to recharge and reset. With these overwhelming times, Hanna is managing to focus on new skills and practices. 

“I have really gotten into bleach tye-dye, plants, and walks.” 

But there is plenty Hanna misses about in-person socializing. Especially when it comes to her loved ones. 

“I miss being able to see my friends and their smiles in person. I’m a big hugger, so I definitely miss hugs.”

Of course, COVID has really stopped a lot of actors’ projects or postponed them at least. Hanna is really excited for the world to see her latest project, Stars Fell on Alabama. 

Hanna is thrilled to get to work with one of her closest friends James Maslow.

“It is a super cute romantic comedy I did with my friend James Maslow. He is one of my oldest friends in Los Angeles so it was a lot of fun actually to do a film together, finally!”

 It was a blast getting to know Ciara Hanna…even if it was only virtually (for now). She is the sweetest soul, and if you want to see how incredibly talented she is, you have to check her out on Power Rangers MegaForce and Power Rangers Super MegaForce. 

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