Chris Klein & Caroline Lagerfelt Share How Sweet Magnolias Can Bring Light Into The World

Chris Klein & Caroline Lagerfel share the favorite parts of their characters Paula and Bill, offer up some juicy spoilers about Sweet Magnolias, and send love to co-stars and show executives JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Bianca Tarantino, Sheryl J. Anderson, and Norman Buckley!

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Posted On: May 19th, 2020 2:00pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias: Chris Klein & Caroline Lagerfelt

We’re halfway through season 1 of Sweet Magnolias and boy has it been anything but sweet. We have infidelity, heartbreak, family drama, and so much more, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

On the fifth episode of the season, we finally reach the opening of The Corner Spa and on the official Sweet Magnolias After Show here on AfterBuzz TV, we were joined by Chris Klein and Caroline Lagerfelt to offer insight into what happens with their characters Bill and Paula this episode as well as how the show has impacted their lives as actors.

Caroline has been able to work alongside talented female writers, directors, and actresses throughout her illustrious career and she shared just how much she enjoyed working with all the women on this show. Since she lives in a male-dominated household, Caroline was thrilled to work with actresses JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Bianca Tarantino and Showrunner Sheryl Anderson on this incredible project.

Up until this point in the series, Chris has been playing the “antagonist” of the show as Maddie Townsend’s ex-husband, who cheated on her and knocked up the nurse at his practice. Chris shared Caroline’s sentiments about the talented women working on the show and he shared how blessed he was to have worked so closely with JoAnna and Jamie Lynn Spears as his scene partners.

Chris even joked about how he knew he was on the right track with his character Bill.

“I knew I was kinda on the right track when a couple of the crew people would come up to me very quiet, and be like, you know I really don’t like Bill Townsend.”

Since Chris plays a character in the midst of a messy divorce, he had to do a lot of research in order to prepare for this role.

“I don’t come from a divorced family. My parents have been married for over forty years. So, a lot of this was discovery for me.”

Another piece of discovery that was interesting for all of us was when Chris shared his thoughts on how the children play a role in this story of divorce.

“He clearly loves his children. So a bit of foreshadowing, chances are good it’s gonna have to come from the children.”

Caroline discovered she landed the role of Paula on Sweet Magnolias in an interesting way as well. Caroline shared how she was on her farm back home in Sweden and got a call from Director Norman Buckley, who she had formerly worked with on Gossip Girl.

“He just said I’ve got this part for you here in Atlanta that you’re just perfect for. She’s like funny and fun and I think I read, like, one script or something and I was on the next plane out of Sweden on the way to Atlanta.”

Caroline was stoked about this role and she acknowledges the main theme about kindness throughout the season so much so that she even shared a story about how today’s COVID19 world full of masks and social distancing has reminded her about the power of small acts of kindness and understanding.

“We’ve all done things in our lives that haven’t always been very nice…every so often I may snap something off and then somebody will turn around and say, well I’m so sorry what would you like me to do to make you feel better. It’s so disarming and I’m trying to remember that in my day-to-day life.”

As we began to sign off, Caroline shared that she would like people to take away the idea that a sense of humor will help you in your marriage and in most parts of life and also that she’s hopeful for a season two!

“I hope, god-willing, when everything calms down that we will be back in Hotlanta sweating our nuts off for season two.”

Chris shared her sentiments and also shared that he hopes everyone takes away the great messages the show has to offer in these trying times.

“Spring of 2020, if it’s taught me anything, it’s that good friends, and a tight-knit family and a bit of resiliency is the order of the day; and this show encapsulates that in such a timely way, and I hope when people sit down and watch they can feel that and be inspired by that.”

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