Chris Harrison Talks Colton Coronvirus Effect, Clare Crawley, Potential ABC ‘the Bachelorette’ Recast and Minimized Physical Interaction

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Filming on The Bachelorette has been postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus > However, if it weren’t for the outbreak, production on season 16, starring Clare Crawley, would have been in full swing by now! Late last month, ABC gave us our first look at the men competing for Clare’s heart but after that update, things pretty much came to a crashing halt and it’s got us wondering when and how the show will be filmed at all.

According to Chris Harrison, The Bachelorette IS still moving forward — but it’s obviously not happening until it’s declared safe for everyone to continue. He told People magazine their team is “chomping at the bit” to get things started with Clare but due to the hiatus, this ALSO means things will look a lot different when the show returns.

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For starters, there could be a whole new set of guys cast by the time filming starts! 

“If you use your common sense, you have to think, ‘Okay, out of all these people, are they all going to be healthy?’ You pray to God that they all are, but what happens if some of these people are infected?” Chris said. “What happens if some of them get severely sick? I mean, Colton [Underwood] went down, so once the smoke clears and this virus subsides and we think, ‘Okay, let’s get back to work.’ It’s going to be a brave new world and we’re all going to have to reassess everything.”

Fun fact: Tyler Cameron’s BFF Matt James was slated to appear on this season, too, and we definitely hope he’s among the cast that remains. 

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And when the show does return, ABC has big plans to tackle the COVID-19 health crisis head on! Chris added:

“When we shoot Clare’s season, it’s going to be indicative of what’s happening in the world. Obviously, there will be talks of the pandemic and, ‘What were you doing quarantining and who were you with?’ Those are going to be the conversations that we’re going to embrace. And then when you watch Clare’s season, 20 years from now, you’re going to think, ‘What? What were these people doing? Why did they not hug? Why were they scared to embrace?’ And that’s kind of the beauty of this show is it always embraces what’s happening in the real world.”

Good on ABC for not shying away from what’s going on in the real world right now. It’ll certainly make for some interesting television and much smaller group dates. Hopefully all social distancing measures are lifted by the time we get to Fantasy Suites!!

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Are you guys anxiously awaiting Clare’s season? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart is set to air on April 13th and that’ll hopefully keep us satisfied until The Bachelorette returns. You can catch our official Bachelor After Show panel breaking every episode for you right here on AfterBuzz TV and keep tuning into our Bachelor News Daily for the most up to date information.

That’s all for now. Keep handing out roses, just do it safely!

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