Chris Harrison Shuts Down Peter Kraus’ Claims He Was Seriously Considered For ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Kraus Implies He Turned Down ‘The Bachelor’ Over Money, Access To Counseling & More 

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Peter Kraus was undoubtedly a standout and Bachelor Nation fan favorite during Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. Many were upset when he wasn’t selected for the leading role the following season, which ultimately went to Arie Luyendyk Jr.. Peter recently opened up about how that all went down and definitely threw some shade at the franchise while he was at it!

While appearing on Ashley Iaconetti and Ben HigginsAlmost Famous podcast, Kraus claimed he was in the running for The Bachelor but he ultimately turned it down over three main reasons. Peter said producers denied his request for “relationship counseling for myself and the top four or five girls during the process so we could work things out on a deep level.” He said he also asked for the counseling to continue after the show.

Peter Kraus meeting Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette. Credit: ABC/YouTube

Chris Harrison responded to that claim via Entertainment Tonight, telling host Lauren Zima that “everybody has access” to participating in therapy sessions. But he took things a step further and implied Peter wasn’t even far along enough in the casting process to make such demands!

“It is normal for us to have multiple candidates coming in,” he said. “First of all, we have to find who is available and who is really sincere, and we bring them in for interviews. There is a vetting process that goes all the way up to the top of the network, so there is a lot that goes into it, instead of ‘Hey, Peter, you want to be the Bachelor? Great, come on!’ Not to put a big pin in this big balloon, but that would have been the start of where we would have gone. That would not have been the final step.”

Eeek! Tell us how you REALLY feel, Chris!

As for Peter’s other two reasons? Money was on that list, as the lead and contestants are forced to abandon their jobs during filming. And finally, at the time when he was being considered, the Wisconsin native was seeing someone and said he felt pressured by producers to break it off for the show!

“I told [the producers] I had started to talk to someone and they said, ‘Are you guys in a relationship?’ I said, ‘No,’ and they said, ‘Would you be willing to leave that or exit that? I wasn’t sure,” he explained. “It was really hard for me.”

CRAZY! Harrison didn’t bother to respond to those other claims but we got his defensive message loud and clear. Do you guys think ABC will ever give Peter a second chance? They made an unconventional choice with Clare Crawley this year, so, why not? Let us know in the comments!

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