Chris And Bri Admit The Show Could’ve Shown More Of Their Playful Side

Chris Watson and Bri Stauss discuss their debut album, how they were portrayed on reality TV, and the potential for solo projects after winning Listen To Your Heart

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Posted On: May 20th, 2020 6:53pm pst

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ABTV Loves Listen To Your Heart: Chris Watson & Bri Strauss 

Chris Watson and Bri Stauss appeared on AfterBuzz TV’s ‘The Bachelor’ after show on Tuesday, May 19, fresh off of winning the inaugural season of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart’! We’re pleased to report the cute couple is still happily in love! They revealed what it’s been like to record their debut album while in quarantine and plans for their future together, in and out of the music booth!

Bri said the fan reception thus far has been “incredible” and recalled feeling emotional after the finale episode aired on Monday night.

“Yesterday was a lot to take in, so for Chris and I, today we really got to take it in and feel it. I was really emotional all day. I just kept checking my Instagram and all of these messages from the fans. I didn’t know what to expect and I don’t think I was expecting everyone to be so loving and welcoming of us. So, I’m grateful.”

Chris agreed, adding, “It’s simply the coolest thing! I feel like we won for us, but by winning for us, we won for everybody else. I’ve had friends from elementary school to friends I met a month before the show who’ve reached out like, ‘you guys are awesome,’ so that’s just the coolest thing. It’s a win for everybody.”

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The pair’s debut album, Chris and Bri, debuted comfortably at the #9 spot on the iTunes charts and has since risen three spots to #6. Chris admitted the opportunity to make their album and its early success was more than he could’ve imagined.

“When we were told what the prize was going to be… as musicians we hear, oh you guys get to make an album! And we’re like okay, let’s hope this is going to be good, we don’t know what we’re going to do and what’s the time constraint. So, we were just so ecstatic that we pulled it off and so excited that everybody likes it.”

Chris and Bri were able to record ‘I Do,’ one of five original songs featured on their debut album, in Los Angeles before the coronavirus quarantine lockdowns forced them to continue working virtually.  “I recorded in a studio here in Utah,” said Bri. “In my headphones in the studio, I had Chris and my ear and like 5 or 7 guys in my ear at once. It was super stressful and I’m wearing gloves… it just wasn’t ideal, you know? But it was amazing because the show taught us that we can do anything.”

The couple agreed it was “surreal” watching the show back but they wish the final edit showed more of their playful side. 

“They for sure focused on the more serious side of our love and that’s very real and there,” said Bri. “ But the other half of us, we act like children and we’re stupid and that’s probably why they didn’t show it because it’s not good TV.”

Chris added, “I wish more of the fun came out but it’s a show about love! So, if they show [fans] the love then give them the love.”

They also commented on the song assignments they were given throughout the season:

“Looking back, we were given mostly ballads that weren’t duets and I wouldn’t have changed that because I think Chris and I really accomplished what we needed to. We kept it pretty equal between the two of us and we weren’t trying to outshine each other,” but Bri admits they longed for an opportunity to do something “crazy” and “different.” Chris agreed, “Some of the songs we got weren’t necessarily in our favorite genres of music to always sing but we had to think about how for one, we’re already prepared for this cause we’re here and two, it’s not about me, it’s not about Bri, it’s about us together. So it’s like, is the song good for us? Yeah, they were all great songs for us.”

Chris and Bri said they’re already working on new music together for a follow up to their debut but pursuing solo projects isn’t completely off the table.

 “The cool thing about Chris and I is he’s 30, I’m 28 and we’ve spent so much of our lives as solo artists and pursuing that, so that’s very much still there and a part of who we are,” she said. “And then suddenly overnight becoming a duo. We still have our own identities and so to just balance that for the future, there will be a fair share of both definitely more music from us and tours and all the things.“

Bri said she has plans to move to LA to be closer to Chris, and they’re taking things day by day amid the ongoing pandemic. We’re so excited for all that’s to come! Be sure to check out and keep up with them on all platforms at @tellemwatson, @bristauss, and @chrisandbriemusic.  For more of their reactions to the finale, check out our full recap in the video above!

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