Celebs Who Love Sleeping

Written by: Saba Hailermariam – February 16th 2020, 2:23pm pst

Ahhh, there’s nothing better than coming home to a comfortable bed for some much needed sleep, after a long day on your feet. Celebrities are no different when it comes to getting their beauty sleep, especially when considering all the hectic demands they must meet.

Did you know there’s actually a National Napping Day? Yea, it’s March 9th this year and I’m here for it honey!

Here are five celebrities that LOVE to sleep:

“Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep.” –Beyonće to People magazine

“We do a lot of dancing on the show and that’s enough to keep the weight off. Plus in Los Angeles, everyone eats really healthily and I also sleep a lot — that’s a key factor.”
Dianna Agron to contactmusic.net

“I’ve got to sleep 15 hours to sing the way I want to.” Mariah Carey to Interview magazine
“Literally, I’ll have 20 humidifiers around my bed.” she told V magazine. “Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room.”

“Sleep is my weapon…I think what works best is sleep, water and a good cleanser.”
Jennifer Lopez to health.com

“Sleep plays such a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy levels that I believe it should be your first priority—even before you think about your diet.”
Gwyneth Paltrow to self.com

Well, there you have it! Five of your favorite stars, who we’d all like to think are robots, but are earthlings like us and love them some good ol’ fashion humanly sleep.

I personally love to sleep to the sound of rain and thunder. If I’m lucky, it’ll actually be the real deal and not a recording off YouTube, but if I’m being honest, they both sound the same.

Anyhoo, do you love sleeping? If so, what do you like falling asleep to, if anything at all? Let me know below in the comment section.

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