Celebs Who Love Selena Quintanilla

Written by: Jennifer Lopez – February 9th, 2020, 4:37am pst

Selena “Tex-Mex Queen” Quintanilla, a star that continues to shine even years after her passing. The singer made a name for herself in Tejano music, after being the winner of some local singing competitions. Selena went on to be an international star. It is no surprise that these celebrities are still huge fans.

Another icon herself mentioned her brief crossing of paths with the Tejano singer, stating that “I did actually meet Selena in the Galleria Mall in Houston, but I didn’t say much to her because I wasn’t a celebrity. I just saw her and said hello and kept it moving. Definitely growing up in Texas, I heard her on the radio. I think listening to her album – even though I didn’t know exactly what she was saying it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation.” Beyonce also says, “I think she is a legend. I admire her. She was so talented.” Well, there you have it folks: icons inspiring icons.

Kim Kardashian
The reality star has been a big fan of the singer’s music and her style. On Halloween 2017, the reality star dressed up as many icons, like Cher, Aaliyah, Madonna…so why not another, like Selena?  The star took to social media to show off the iconic purple jumpsuit and we must say: she killed it! Kim went on to show off her killer dance moves.

Lady Gaga

Gaga doesn’t just love her little monsters. The singer Instagrammed her “favorite shirt.” How amazing would this fashion collaboration be?!

Whitney Houston
Selena was at the top of her career when she passed away, making major moves and engineering a crossover to the English market. Legendary vocalist and fellow icon Whitney Houston took notice and in an interview, she talked about the late singer’s accomplishments saying, “What Selena did in the English market was brilliant.”

Jennifer Lopez
The Actress/ Singer was an up-and-coming actress who never got the chance to meet Selena,but she has said that Selena has been a “beautiful blessing for my life on so many levels,”. Jlo played Selena in the biopic of the same name, which was released on March 21, 1997. Lopez mentions in an interview that she did spend a lot of time with the Quintanilla family to prepare for the role and watched many tapes of Selena’s performances. Jennifer Lopez went on to become one of the most successful artists of our time.

Selena Quinatallina will forever hold a special place in our hearts. She has changed the music world in many different ways.

She influenced and inspired so many of her fans and even some of our favorite celebs.

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