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Written by: Jonathan Moulton – February 5th, 2020 3:45 pst

The resurgence of Dungeons and Dragons has been amassing a new wave of fantasy themed TV shows, movies and video games. The role-playing tabletop game has been around for a while influencing many of the creators, showrunners, directors, actors and much more. There are many celebs that have adventured and campaigned many journeys through the world of Dungeons and Dragons, I would like to highlight a few celebs and their input towards the realm of fantasy.

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Deborah Ann Woll – Star of Daredevil and True Blood leads a group of adventurers through a wildly different type of D&D campaign on a Geek & Sundry show called Relics and Rarities. An article from Inverse.com reveals that they present a different style for the game, “Instead of swords, axes, and bows, the heroes of Relics and Rarities are armed with junk… walking canes, sunglasses, knit blankets, and pocket watches… that come with magical properties. The emphasis, Woll says, is a kind of imagination that action-oriented adventures don’t often inspire.

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Vin Diesel – The film star became the immortal witch hunter in The Last Witch Hunter after learning that writer Cory Goodman was a fellow Dungeons & Dragons player. Vin’s character Kaulder is based on his actual D&D’ character Melkor from when he was younger. Vin stated in a Uproxx Interview, “[Cory] went off to write a whole film around my character Melkor. Just the very fact that I”d be playing a witch hunter speaks to how nerdy I was about the game.” Diesel commented in an Uproxx interview.

D.B. Weiss & David Benioff – The showrunners for Game of Thrones learned their art of storytelling from campaigning in Dungeons and Dragons. In an article from the Hollywood Reporter, D.B. Weiss admitted, “I played compulsively for years… It was my first experience with world-building,” he explains. “You’d see hundreds of ‘what if’ scenarios play out in real time as players attempted to achieve their various goals.”

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Terry Crews – He shows his love of the game by joining a Dungeons and Dragons inspired World of Warcraft themed episode of CelebriD&D presented by Geek & Sundry. You can watch as he goes all in with his character fighting the battle for Azeroth as Thodak the Blacksmith of The Horde.

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Dan Harmon – The creator of Rick and Morty and Community launched a Dungeons & Dragons-style series called HarmonQuest, where entertainers play a live segment of questing and campaigning. The show is also accompanied with an animation weaved into the show.

Here’s a list of many other celebs who have had a passion for Dungeons and Dragons adventures!

Joss Whedon
Robin Williams
Mike Myers
John Bradley
Stephen Colbert
Patton Oswalt
Drew Barrymore
Jon Favreau
Joseph Godon-Levitt
Martin Starr
Wil Wheaton
Aubrey Plaza
Kumail Nanjiani
Paul F. Tompkins
Chris Hardwick
Kevin Smith
Stephen Colbert
Anderson Cooper
Felicia Day
Marilyn Manson
Joe Manganiello

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