Celebs Who Love David Lynch

Written by: Evan Melada – February 11th, 2020 6:14pm pst

With an artist as zany and talented as David Lynch, it’s hard not to fall in love with the guy! From Blue Velvet (1986) to Inland Empire (2006), Lynch has shocked and disturbed audiences around the world. It’s no wonder he picked up a few fans along the way! Here are the top five celebs who love David Lynch.

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Laura Dern
First up, academy award winner Laura Dern is a huge Lynch-Head! Ever since Blue Velvet, Dern has starred in various Lynch projects such as Wild at Heart and Inland Empire. Dern not only works with Lynch, but is a fan of his projects as well. “I wanted to go to Jupiter. That was my plan from day one, and David Lynch gave me the ticket” she said. The love is mutual! To campaign for her oscar nomination for Inland Empire, Lynch once sat on a corner of Hollywood Boulevard with a poster of Laura Dern and a real cow, urging people to notice her iconic performance. That’s…..so sweet!?

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Lana Del Rey
Next, sultry songstress Lana Del Rey has accrued a large number of otherworldly influences into her art and, to no one’s surprise, Lynch is one of them. The singer even paid tribute to him in the music video for her cover of Blue Velvet. Not to mention, Del Rey has been spotted sporting Twin Peaks merch as well as referencing the show itself in her song Sad Girl, a deep cut from her sophomore album Ultraviolence. “He’s got the fire, and he walks with it” she croons on the track. Yay Del Rey!

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Naomi Watts
Watts is another actress who fell into the world of Lynch after working with him. Mulholland Drive, a dreamy, dark vision of Los Angeles, made Watts a fan and longtime friend of Lynch. She even went on to star as an anthropomorphic rabbit in a web-series for him. Sounds about Lynch.

Roy Orbison
As we reach the end of our list, it’s time to look at Orbison, who Lynch was actually a fan of first! Lynch has been credited with revamping Orbison’s career after he featured a few of his tracks (most notably In Dreams) in his films. The two have since met and continued to collaborate with one another.

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Kyle Maclachlan
Finally, Lynch-regular Kyle Maclachlan closes out our top five list. The young actor has been said to remind Lynch very much of himself, which is why he cast Maclachlan for the lead role in Blue Velvet. He went on to star in Twin Peaks as coffee-fanatic Agent Dale Cooper, solidifying his place as Lynch’s biggest fan. “…He’s very accessible, with a good heart” he said.

Are there any celebs that we missed? Comment below to share some of your favorite celebs who hold a torch for Lynch. Until next time, buzz you later!

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