Celebs Under Fire for Black Lives Matter ’I Take Responsibility’ PSA

Fans are calling out Aaron Paul, Debra Messing, Justin Theroux, Stanley Tucci, Bryce Dallas Howard and more for Confluential Films’ ‘I Take Responsibility’ video 

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Posted On: June 11, 2020 9:54pm pst

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Celebrity actors like Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Debra Messing, and Stanley Tucci are being called out on Twitter after appearing insincere in a new video for a campaign titled “I Take Responsibility.”

Confluential Films released the star-studded video on Wednesday in support of the company’s partnership with the NAACP for a new campaign titled I Take Responsibility. The video comes amid nationwide protests against racial injustice and police brutality following the police-caused death of George Floyd among many others.

The video was shot in black-and-white and features stars like Sarah Paulson, Kesha, Justin Theroux, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Julianne Moore who all acknowledged the times they been silent and contributed to systemic racism whether overtly or covertly.

In the video, “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell pledged to take responsibility “for every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it was,” while “Black Mirror” star Bryce Dallas Howard owned up to “every time I explained away police brutality or turned a blind eye.”

The new campaign uses famous Hollywood actors to urge people to take accountability for their actions and educate themselves as it relates to bringing an end to systemic racism. 

However, social media is calling out the actors who appeared in the video for seemingly reading their lines from a script or emphasizing phrases for dramatic effect. 

Many accused the video of being counterproductive to actions taken by other stars who have marched in protests, donated money to organizations, or shared helpful resources with their followers in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Actress Debra Messing’s eyes appeared to read words as she said “every blatant injustice, no matter how big or small” and Tucci also looked like he was scanning words when he said: “I will no longer allow an unchecked moment. I will no longer allow racist, hurtful words, jokes, stereotypes, no matter how big or small to be uttered in my presence.”

But, despite their good intent, Twitter isn’t here for it. 

“You would think they would memorize their lines before their big scene……” one person tweeted. 

“the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE of how powerful and righteous Justin Theroux sounds as his eyes MOVE ACROSS THE PAGE” tweeted another. 

While another called out Messing for appearing to read her lines. “Yes!! I got as far as Debra Messing and stopped. So much eye flickering.”

“You would think that, being actors and all, they wouldn’t have to read off of their screens 🤣what’s the point of getting a bunch of actors to do these segments if they’re not even going to take the time to memorize their lines? Shows their commitment to the message.” tweeted another.

While another called out all of the actors for appearing to scan across lines. “My favorite part is watching their eyes and seeing which ones memorized the script and which ones are actively reading”.

Another called out “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul directly, “Hi my name is Aaron Paul today I’m reading for the role of Righteous Guy”

“The winner is Aaron Paul who gave us a full pro wrestling promo with gritted teeth and firm jaw muscle definition to let you know it’s time for WHITE SERIOUSNESS” tweeted one person.

The video concluded with a call to ‘take action today at itakeresponsibility.org‘ 

“ITakeResponsibility.org was created to stand up for our Black friends and family in America,” a statement on the site reads. “Our goal is to rally the white community, to provide education, and encourage action. Our mission is to ensure this takes place. We cannot sit idle while systemic racism and police brutality continue throughout our country.”

What do you guys think about the video?? Let us know.

We here at AfterBuzz TV are in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so please continue to tune in to our network daily for more coverage!

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