Celebrity Rehab S:5 | Season 5 Revisited Part 2 E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. In this show, host Tamara Berg breaks down the second reunion episode in which in Part 2, Drew and Bob check in with Sean, Jessica, Dwight and Steven. Sean has slipped on three occasions, and she and Bob discuss how Robert’s drinking affects her own sobriety. Jessica, who relapsed with marijuana and alcohol about a month after discharge, insists that she can control her usage, but Drew and Bob convince her to enter sober living. Dwight is maintaining his sobriety, though Bob cautions himself against the typical relapses that he has suffered from in the past. Bob is upset with Steven, however, who open drinks and does marijuana in front of him, and then lies about it, which he has never done in their 20 year friendship. Bob is also upset at the number of mutual friends of theirs who died from addiction. Drew relates that Steven checked into rehab two days later, but checked back out after only two days. There to help Tamara Berg are co-hosts Michelle Macedo, Melissa Macedo, and Phil Svitek. It’s Celebrity Rehab’s “Season 5 Revisited Part 2” podcast!

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