Celebrity Quarantine Kitchen Recipes & Drinks You Won’t Believe

Afterbuzz TV’s Celebrity Quarantine Kitchen’s features dishes by Chrissy Teigen’s Mom, Dwayne Johnson, Halle Berry, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray, José Andrés, Kristin Chenoweth & Stanley Tucci

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Posted On: May 3rd, 2020 12:40am pst

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AfterBuzz TV Celebrity Quarantine Kitchens

Another week has passed where we are scavenging our pantries trying to figure out what that perfect meal is to comfort us. Celebrities are no exception!  

Our newest segment at AfterBuzz TV is Celebrity Quarantine Kitchen! What are all of the stars cooking up in their homes to keep busy? We are highlighting the recipes or drinks they are sharing all over social media. Let’s see what they’re cookin’ up in another week of recipes and kitchen adventures: 

I have to start off with our favorite celebrity chefs who are crafting easy and fun recipes for us to try at home. 

Martha Stewart’s Refreshing Antipasto 

This is something you can easily pick-up fresh from your grocery store; fresh mozzarella, olive oil and salami. Who doesn’t love that combination? This is the perfect snack or light meal to pair with your perfect white or red wine. Especially on those warm days when you don’t have a heavy meal.  

Rachael Ray’s Stuffed Poblano Peppers 

This is an incredible recipe, stuffed with flavors and spices we love that you can make with many of the veggies and meats you might already have in your house. This is perfect to prepare for a Cinco De Mayo celebration with family or roommates this week. I love the alternative plant-protein options integrated into the recipe and the easy to make polenta. Enjoy this one with some tequila or a margarita! 

Antoni Porowski’s “Show Me What You’re Working With” Shakshuka

He officially announced on his Instagram he will be having a limited cooking series called “Show Me What You’re Working With” on Netflix Youtube channels. He will cook fan recipes and help people prepare them during quarantine. What a great idea that we all need to try something new to help break out our favorite cookbook. 

Catch the first episode here, where Antoni teaches fans how to cook shakshuka with sausage and eggs. 

José Andrés’ Bread “Migas” with Chorizo & Grapes 

His Recipes for the People series on Instagram takes all of the ingredients that you have around the house and shows you how you can make meals and not waste anything. This classic Spanish dish will help you use all of that stale bread you might have sitting around.  

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(crumbs) with chorizo and grapes. It’s time to use any old bread you have- don’t throw it away, cook with it! This is what we do in Spain, what my mother, my father taught me to do. We’re singing to my friend @_melendioficial_ , the song Caminando por la vida. And we’re dedicating this to all the restaurant industry, to @indprestaurants, to the Chefs of Spain, Italy, China, the Chefs of the World… all of them. And of course to my people of @WCKitchen! Start by breaking up the bread into pieces with the help of a knife or your hands … then you sprinkle a little water, not too much! Just so they are slightly wet, not a dough. Heat up olive oil in the pan, and start cooking the garlic and the chorizo (or leftover meat, bacon, anything you want!). When it’s cooked, remove the garlic and chorizo and set them aside, then add the bread to the leftover oil (and add more oil if you want!) Keep cooking and stirring the migas so they don’t burn … it takes a long time for them to lose their moisture and get a little crunchy. In another pan, fry some eggs (do it better than Carlota please 😂😈). Add the pimentón to the migas, then add back the cooked chorizo and the grapes at the very end, and serve the migas alongside a fried egg and it is like you are a true Spaniard!!

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Chrissy Teigen’s Mom, Pepper’s Hometown Pad Thai 

I love pad thai and have always wanted to make it from home. Follow Pepper’s Recipe of her hometown pad thai that doesn’t necessarily have exact measurements for the recipe – but we know it’s made with lots of love. 

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Pepper shared her hometown Pad Thai recipe and now you can cook along with her LIVE! Join us Friday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST for a Pad Thai Happy Hour (if it wasn’t a thing it is now) 😋 Ingredients and substitutions below 👇 and comment with your questions for @pepperthai2! • Ingredients: 4 tbsp peanut oil
Handful of garlic cloves, crushed 
½ pound chicken breast, 1-in pieces
¼ cup sweet dark soy sauce
2 tbsp regular soy sauce
1-2 tbsps oyster sauce 
2 tbsp light Thai soy sauce
3-4 tbsp soy bean paste 
1 ½ cups water
4 tbsp vinegar
3 eggs, scrambled
12 ounces rice vermicelli
2 cups Chinese broccoli, ribboned
1 cup green onions, roughly chopped Substitutions: Chicken —> tofu or veggies  Garlic —> scallion whites Dark Soy —> regular soy + 1 tbsp w/ honey Thai Soy Sauce or more regular soy + honey Rice Noodles —> Linguine Vinegar —> Pickle juice Chinese broccoli —> broccolini, broccoli rabe, snow peas Soy bean paste —> miso  Peanut oil → vegetable oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil (any neutral oil)

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Some of the fun in the kitchen happens when you watch others try a new recipe or cook a complicated or fun dish. 

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi and their Plant Based Meals

Ellen has been posting Portia’s cooking adventures during quarantine and it’s been an adventure for sure. Ellen posted the most beautiful photo of the end product. Recipes are from Purple Carrot and it just looks delicious for a plant-based meal option. 

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Help. @purplecarrotxo

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Halle Berry’s Favorite Keto Cookbook 

Another celebrity that is focusing on healthy ingredients and recipes, Halle Berry shares her favorite Keto cookbook and recipes by Maria Emmerich and all those comfort foods we love. 

I love anything dessert related from cookies, cakes to pies! Here are some delectable and simple desserts to try from home: 

Kristin Chenoweth’s Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 

To be quarantined with Kristin Chenoweth singing and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls is a dream come true! In her TikTok video, she shares a glimpse of what that might look like. Something easy to purchase at the store, will make your house smell delightful…and you might need to warm up your voice a bit for that high note…not just your oven. 

(Source: Kristin Chenoweth TikTok)

WWE’s Peyton Royce’s Walnut Banana Bread 

She might be perfect in the ring but not so much in the kitchen, she’s enthusiastic and makes me smile as she tries to bake this banana bread recipe (with added walnuts!) with perhaps not enough ingredients. Does it go right? Will you go bananas for this bread? Check it out and see…. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Baking Cakes & Face Masks 

Why not bake a cake and get that facial? Take care of the skin and the belly! Look at this hilarious Instagram story of Jada baking with her family and keeping her beauty game on point as Will Smith teases them. 

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When jokas mad cause you can multitask! 🤣✨

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To end your evening in quarantine, you can try one of Stanley Tucci’s martini’s or The Rock’s own tequila: 

Stanley Tucci-ni’s Cocktail Class 

Stanley Tucci making a martini with Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation gin (which is delicious!) is all we need on a Saturday night. Watch him make this refreshing drink and add it to your cocktail collection: 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson cheers with his very own Teremana Tequila 

He started his weekly Tuesday Teremana posts but we love the message he shares in this Instagram video to stay safe and positive during this time. And the fact that he’s going to eat that huge pan of pasta as well with his tequila on ‘The Rocks’ makes me smile. Cheers! 

Let’s continue to stay healthy and positive for another week with these fun recipes and drink suggestions. Put on that apron, get those ingredients ready, try your favorite drink, and pick up that recipe you’ve always wanted to try and have a little fun while doing it. 

If you love to cook and see what celebrities are up to, share this article with a friend. Tune in daily for AfterbuzzTV articles and aftershows for the latest news and info on the world of entertainment and your favorite celebrity quarantine chef. 

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