Celebrity IOU helps Rebel Wilson gift her very first American friend, Nicole, a luxury backyard.

Rebel Wilson’s best friend Nicole saved all her money to buy this house, and has absolutely nothing left for this desolate, but spacious backyard.  Property Brothers to the rescue on Celebrity IOU

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Posted On: May 12th, 2020 9:55 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Celebrity IOU: Rebel Wilson 

Hairstylist and makeup artist Nicole raves about what a wonderful person Rebel truly is, and how she thought the Australian Comedian initially would be mean, but she was the most kind and generous person. They have traveled the world together, and are closely bonded by sharing their lives, and by the deepest of conversations. (That’s what hairstylists are for!) The Brothers say: “Who would’ve thought? You sit down in a hairstylist’s chair, and you become like sisters?! ”

Rebel enlisted The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott make this “mess” an outdoor oasis! Rebel says: “Maybe with our skills combined, we can create something pretty epic!” The Brothers say “One of The benefits of living in LA is you can use your outdoor space year round! “

The already covered patio will become an outdoor living room! Adding large format Terrazzo tile to existing concrete, adding this print really makes this outdoor space feel both cozy, and chic! Finishing this area off with a coat of white paint, a built-in privacy screen, inviting and stylish lounge furniture, and even a TV. This space has created a bonus living room in the luxury of the outdoors! This area continues down to an “open-air dining space and kitchen.” Including a refrigerator, wood beam percolate. Providing both “style and shade!” Outdoor linear gas fireplace in the lounge area, and a built-in grill with gorgeous countertops complete this enchanted dining garden. 

Rebel offers comedy and her demo skills, while attempting to operate heavy equipment, in what she refers to as a “transformer!” 

Both Jonathan and Drew comment multiple times on how much fun Rebel is to work with.  She even offers back scratches to the boys with her garden-rake.  We can all see why Nicole has chose her as her bestie. 

Even The Brothers admit that “she has a heart of gold.” 

To top off this already extraordinary outdoor entertainment space, they squeeze in “Rebel’s must-have outdoor swim spa.” The Brothers bring in a crane swinging a pool over Nicole’s roof, to drop this modern 1/2 above ground 5ft pool for lounging, and cooling off!  

This backyard has become an absolute mini- resort! Nicole might need to start doing clients in her backyard, because she will never want to leave! Of course neither would her guests; because this place is Heaven! 

As for the front yard, The Brothers go the extra mile, and offer it some grand entrance love by putting in a new, and elongated driveway, and adding a fresh grassy green welcome. 

Nicole, and Rebel sprint into the backyard together for the big reveal! Nicole is understandably emotional at the sight of this overwhelming blessing, and already has plans for dinner parties! What a monumental act of friendship.   

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