Celebrating Breonna Taylor’s 27th Birthday

Breonna Taylor will never get to blow out her birthday candles. So here’s how we can honor her on her 27th birthday.

Toree Weaver

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Posted On: June 5th, 2020 9:21pm pst

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Somebody/ anybody sing a black girl’s song 

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf by Ntozake Shange

What does a black girl’s song sound like? I’ve never heard it. Is it upbeat to match her racing heart when she’s answering police questioning? Or is a smooth jazz feel to accentuate her soft touch and tender words? I couldn’t tell you because I’ve never heard it. 

Breonna Taylor is one of the many women whose lives, regardless of its substance, is overlooked and forgotten. She deserved to hear her loved ones sing happy birthday as they watch movies and Phase 10. Instead, her name will be added to the laundry list of black women who are no longer with us. 

Before her name was used on social media posts or plastered on posters, Breonna Taylor was a first responder working as an emergency medical technician at University of Louisville Jewish Hospital and Norton HealthCare. She was on the frontlines as the country fought against the pandemic that swept the world. With an unpredictable schedule, Taylor was known to squeeze in a nap during any gaps in her shifts. She held her career close to her heart and valued the lives she was able to change every day.

“Working in health care is so rewarding. It makes me feel so happy when I know I’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. I’m so appreciative of all the staff that has helped my uncle throughout this difficult time and those that will continue to make a difference in his life,” Breonna wrote in a Facebook post. 

Her desire to help and her loving spirit helped shape the woman we will forever remember, but that is not the reason she deserved better. Regardless of her accomplishments and service, Breonna Taylor should be with us because she is human. So many people fail to see her as someone worthy of respect, love, and light. Her life was valuable the minute she took her first breath, but the color of her skin stopped LMPD from realizing it. 


As the world studies the mistreatment of black men, it disregards the group that falls below them on the totem pole. Black women have been the engine to keep movements and nations going since the beginning of time. As they heal wounds and move mountains, who is there to catch their countless tears? Black women carry the weight of sexism and racism and aren’t even granted the luxury to rest in their own beds between shifts. The names of black men are chanted with a bassline fueled with outrage, compassion, and sorrow. But, what does a black girl’s song sound like? 

Black women have been at the front lines of every revolution creating a steady tempo, as their hymns and prayers float over it like a melody. Their strength and vulnerability seamlessly come together to create the perfect chord. Yet, no one joins in for the chorus. What’s life without music? What is the world without the Black women?  

Breonna Taylor will never be able to compose the song of her life. Would it end up being deep and soulful or raspy and thought provoking? Sadly, we will never know. 

Here are ways we can honor her. 

Sign the petition: 





Continue to say her name: 

Use #SayHerName #BirthdayForBreonna across social media platforms  

Send a birthday card: 

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend has organized a birthday card drive to be sent to the Mayor and Attorney General of Kentucky

Office of the Attorney General

700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-3449

Mayor Greg Fischer

527 W Jefferson Street #600

Louisville KY 40202

Send and E-mail

Email the mayor and attorney general 

Attorney.general@ag.ky.gov and greg.fischer@louisville.gov

Pre-written text: tinyurl.com/ycha6nuu

AfterBuzz TV will continue to cover the latest events around the country and justice for George Floyd. Make sure to share this article with a friend to keep the names of Floyd and other innocent Black people alive. 

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