Celebrate Black History Month With Monique Heart On Instagram

Written by: Mark J. Freeman – February 13, 2020 5:16pm PT

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The self proclaimed “Heart of Season 10,” Monique Heart, has taken to Instagram (IG) to show her African American pride. Heart isn’t just representing her love of black women from history, she’s recreating them! During Black History Month (BHM), Heart is posting images of herself dressed as iconic black women in history. Or, as she stated on her IG page, “Honoring our Blackness through Drag.”

Credit: Instagram, @iammoniqueheart

You need to head over to Heart’s Instagram IMMEDIATELY, as she recreates looks from Harriett Tubman to Aaliyah. You can follow her @iammoniqueheart.

Credit: Instagram, @iammoniqueheart

Let’s take a look at a few of these Iconic images now! One of my personal favorites is Heart as the legendary Whitney Houston. This 80s iconic ‘lewk’ of Miss Houston in her prime is a perfect image to celebrate the angelic voice and loving spirit of this music legend. Heart has that same love in her eyes and fun in her heart. It’s hard to believe that almost a decade ago we lost this musical pioneer, but thank you to Miss Heart for reminding us.

Credit: Instagram, @iammoniqueheart

Another great recreation on Heart’s IG is that of Josephine Baker. Now, what I love most about Heart doing these posts, is that even though you may have heard of these legends, you may not know much about them. It inspires a new generation of people to look into their lives, and be influenced by their art and history.

If you’ve never heard of Miss Baker, she was an American born French entertainer, French Resistance Agent and civil rights activist. She rose to fame while performing in France at the famous Folies Bergére Theatre, but was also an honorable correspondent to the French Resistance by smuggling hidden messages in her sheet music.

Credit: cmgww.com/stars/baker/

Yet again, we have drag queens stepping up and drawing attention to pioneers of movements and paying homage to those who came before us. Please, take a moment to visit the official website of Josephine Baker to find out more about this strong and powerful African American trailblazer.

Credit: Instagram, @iammoniqueheart

Now, I do not want to show you EVERY post that Heart has done, as I want you to follow her on IG and go experience them for yourself. You will not be disappointed! Heart also highlights artists like Eartha Kitt, Tina Turner, Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell.

I want to take another moment to thank Heart for doing these posts and putting a much deserved spotlight on these hard working, talented and groundbreaking women of black history.

Credit: RuPaul, photographed by Miles Aldridge, TIME

We must always remember those who came before us and never forget how much harder it was to stand up and speak out in those days. We now have drag queens on national television and even had RuPaul hosting Saturday Night Live. We now have trailblazing shows like AJ And The Queen being discussed around kitchen tables. Take a moment to thank Heart, while discovering more about these beautiful legends of black history.

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Mark J. Freeman is a host, comic, actor and drag queen from the midwest and transplanted in the City Of Angels.

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