Celeb Twitter Reactions to Emotional Episodes 7 & 8 of The Last Dance

Lebron James, Myles Garrett, Kevin Love and More React on Twitter to the Two Most Emotional Episodes of ESPN’s The Last Dance

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Posted On: May 11th, 2020 3:34pm pst

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ABTV Celebrity Twitter On: Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance

Grab yourself some tissues for this one, folks! Episodes 7 and 8 of The Last Dance were definitely tear jerkers. Part four of ESPN’s docu-series over Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls covered from 1993 when Jordan decided to retire from basketball in order to take his shot in the MLB through the beginning of his second NBA Championship three-peat. 

The emotional aspect of these episodes centered around the death of Jordan’s father, as well as the toll Jordan’s leadership style had on his teammates. 

Episode 7 started off with Jordan discussing the impact his father, James, had on his life – viewers already saw a glimpse of this in earlier episodes as well. Jordan talked in depth about the pain he felt when his father disappeared before his body was found in a creek in August 1993. 

Sports broadcaster Vince Cellini recounted a time in 1989 when he interviewed James Jordan. 

In fact, for the first time viewers received the audio from this iconic shot after Jordan won the NBA Championship on Father’s Day in 1993. 

And while many recognized the tremendous job his parents did, it was fitting that on Mother’s Day, viewers were able to witness the impact of his father – but Mother as well. 

By the end of Episode 7, two things were certain. Michael Jordan is an emotional dude and we saw another example of what happens when MJ is motivated. 

In fact, director Jason Hehir told ESPN on Twitter, the things that illicit raw emotion from Michael Jordan come down to two categories: his family and his philosophy on how he lives his life. 

He went on to describe how during the filming of this episode he knew this would be a powerful moment of this documentary.   

As the episodes progressed, viewers were taken back to the day of Michael Jordan’s retirement in 1993. 

Lebron James chimed in by admittingly crying on that day, at just 9 years old. 

So while James cried, other NBA stars took to Twitter to discuss MJ’s departure in a different light. 

Jamal Crawford really said it best. 

While Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love jokingly added that MJ’s idea of pressing the reset button was by relentlessly pursuing being the best at another major sport. 

Love also pointed out that MJ continued to get paid his full NBA salary while playing double A baseball. 

Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell, who’s No. 45 represents – in part – Jordan’s baseball career, was also reflecting MJ’s time as a dual-sport athlete. 

As the episodes progressed, viewers witnessed the harsh realities that came from being a teammate of Michael Jordan. We’d seen his rage against opponents, but now his competitive drive dribbled into practice too. 

Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett found humor in the situation, calling Jordan’s laugh similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker laugh. 

While many thought these scenes to be emotional, Philadelphia Eagles center, Lane Johnson, took them as motivating. 

In fact, Golden State Warriors rookie Eric Paschall was amped to see the infamous practice fight with Jordan – a focal point of Episode 8. 

Rex Chapman also tweeted a wonderful reminder. 

Isaiah Thomas – no, not the villain of the 90’s Bulls, but current NBA player – stated straight facts on twitter during Sunday night’s airing. 

He called out the generation of players for being scared to play MJ and how mentally they “already lost”. He referred to last week’s episode where viewers saw Charles Barkley win MVP, yet say he was fine with losing to MJ. 

Thomas’ final statement was it seemed players of the MJ era “quit before the ball went up” when it came to facing the superstar. 

And quite possibly one of the best parts of the docu-series is that Michael Jordan’s legacy of being prime meme material continues to flourish. 

Previously it was all about #cryingjordan, but now it’s definitely shifted to #ipadjordan. Jordan’s reaction to watching clips in the docu-series has been an odd focal point of the series. These tweets may not be from “celebrities”, but it was definitely the biggest talking point on twitter Sunday night. 

The series wraps up Sunday, May 17th with the final two episodes airing at 9PM ET on ESPN and ESPN2. 

You can catch up on the series by watching on Netflix or Hulu. Additionally, tune in every Monday night to AfterBuzz TV’s The Last Dance after show at 10PM ET. 

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