Days of Our Lives Stars Galen Gering, Lamon Archey, and James Reynolds joined Dishin Days and updated fans on their quarantine life.

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 16th, 2020 6:00pm pst


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Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin’ Days continued to check in with Days of Our Lives stars to see what they have been up to during isolation and these stars didn’t hold back. 

Galen Gering [Rafe Hernandez], Lamon Archey [Eli Grant] and, James Reynolds [ Abe Carver] joined Dishin’ Days to let fans know what they have been doing during quarantine. 

Galen Gering joins the Zoom call with a customized background and right away Dishin’ Days asks if this is the background he uses for all of his Zoom meetings.  

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“No, I was actually just experimenting. You can go and you can put a backdrop in. I wasn’t actually trying to put this one in; this is in Lake Tahoe. That’s my kid when he was five. This really makes my lid look pretty funny [reaches up and messes with his hair]….hi everybody!” [laughs].  

Welcome Galen! Glad you’re here and don’t worry. You still look good. 

Dishin’ Days mentions that this is Galen’s first time on the show. 

Galen breaks out into a big smile and nods.

“I feel like I didn’t have a good excuse to get out of it because I should be home.” [laughs] “Thanks for having me…now let me get this stupid background off.” [laughs]. 

Lamon Archey and James Reynolds join the meeting next.   

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“I like the beard, James.” Lamon states. 

James laughs as he nods his head.

“You know it’s the quarantine beard. The paparazzi keep looking for celebrities and all they see are people with grey hair and breads.” [laughs].  

So true James! Quarantine does make it difficult for the paparazzi to do their job and spot stars out taking walks. 

Dishin’ Days asked James how he was doing during quarantine. 

“We’re doing great! We’ve got everything here and a great neighborhood. So we go on walks and we’ve got neighbors that we’ve never seen before.” [laughs].

We can agree! It’s amazing, the people we don’t recognize who live only a few blocks away from us. Quarantine really does make you pay more attention to your surroundings. 

“They’re all out walking their dogs.” James states, “parents and kids are walking and it’s actually a lot of good stuff going on during this horrible time.”  

Galen jumps in on the conversation. 

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“Yeah…James doesn’t have kids that are home from school, if you know what I’m saying.” [laughs]. 

Those of us with kids know exactly how you are feeling,  Galen. Dishin’ Days leaned in with the topic of kids and asked if Galen’s children were in homeschool.

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“They have this online program for both my kids school’s and it amounts to seemingly an hour a day for them which isn’t nearly enough. [sighs] Luckily, my youngest is into playing music so he just got a new guitar and he’s jamming, but to be honest with you, we are lucky. We got a good space here and we got a good neighborhood.”

That’s hard,  to only have your kids getting distracted by education for only an hour a day, but we love how you are being positive about being quarantined. 

“Silver Lining we are spending a lot more time together.  It’s pretty cool, honestly we’ve been enjoying it.” 

We’re glad that you are spending quality time with your family and it’s bringing everyone close together. 

Next, Dishin Days asked Lamon how he was holding up during isolation and one thing we love about Lamon…he is always keeping it real. 

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“I miss my alone time [laughs] I want these kids to go back to school. [expresses a sad face] These kids are driving me crazy, I’m tired of drinking, I’m tired of weed, I’m tired….I’m tired of it all! [laughs].”

Lamon we appreciate your honesty and there are probably a lot of people who feel the same way! 

Lamon just recently celebrated his birthday and Dishin ‘Days wanted to know the details. 

“It was horrible! Let me tell you…after I did the damn Live meeting I was so wasted. I was throwing up [shaking his head] I’m never…never drinking again. [laughs].”

Galen asked Lamon if he drank the whole bottle of Vodka. 

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“Absolutely not. I would be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning and the Coronavirus.” [laughs]. 

Smart thinking, Lamon! Fans would hate to see one of their favorite Days stars in the hospital. 

Dishin ‘Days asked how Lamon was feeling today. 

“I’m good! [Looks directly into the camera and smiles]

I’m ready to get back to work and back to life!”  

We all agree with you, Lamon! Everyone is ready to get back to normal once the pandemic has been lifted. Keep your spirits up! 

James chimes in and makes a good point that our lives will be changed after quarantine. 

“We’re going to have change. A lot of these people working at home are probably going to stay at home when all of this is over. It’s going to bring a lot of changes into our lives.” 

True statement James! People are probably going to consider working from home instead of going into the office (if they can). 

“But like I said, there’s a lot of good stuff going on out there”, James explains, “eighty two thousand people in two days came out to volunteer. The retired health care workers and doctors and people are just helping each other, hopefully we’ll keep some of that.” 

We hope so too James! We’re glad that everyone is coming together during this difficult time and, like you, we hope it continues. 

Thank you Galen Gering, Lamon Archey, and James Reynolds for joining Dishin Days and letting fans know how you all are holding up during quarantine. Make sure you are keeping up with Days of Our Lives on NBC! 

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