Cartels, Casinos and Feds, oh my! The whirling tornado that is the Ozark Season 3 trailer.

Written by: Sean McHugh  – March 8th 2020, 10:55pm pst

“There’s no place like home!” Unless of course that home has been the source of gunfights, baby snatching, federal surveillance, and cartel laundering. The Byrde family is back, and seemingly more dysfunctional than ever. We start with Wendy firing a gun at Marty, and are then launched into a frantically-paced trailer that would give the Tasmanian devil a run for his drug money.

credit: Netflix

“Sometimes if you don’t move forward, you die.” Chilling words, especially coming from the mother of your children. The end of season 2 left us with a power shift in the Byrde family. Marty was no longer calling the shots, and it now appears that Wendy has leaned into her new found confidence. She wants to expand and diversify, while poor Marty just wants to keep everyone safe. They’re both smart, and both think they know what’s best. However, they are not on the same page, mentally or emotionally, which may ultimately lead to their downfall, or even worse, their own deaths.

credit: Netflix

Meanwhile, back at the trailer park, Ruth (who is probably my favorite character) is in full on white trash gangsta mode. Barking orders, pit bossing at the casino, and ever so pleasantly reminding Marty that she is “not his marriage counselor.” She and Marty’s relationship lies somewhere between brother-sister and father-daughter with a delightful love/hate dysfunction. But when the chips are on the table, they know they can count on one another. And I look forward to seeing the predicaments they have to weasel their way out of this season.

credit: Netflix

When the trailer ended, I realized that I had been holding my breath with the building tension. Images of Marty being kidnapped, Helene being waterboarded, and bombs being exploded, all leading up to that ever existential question so elegantly asked by Navarro. “What do you want?”

Well, Señor Navarro, I know what I want. Nothing more than to follow this tumultuous yellow brick road of intrigue and deception down a hole that will hopefully lead us to the Wizard of Ozark!

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