Camille Hyde Says She Shares Similarities with the Antagonist in Katy Keene

Written by: Sana Moore – March 23rd 2020, 7:35pm pst

Camille Hyde revealed inside details about why her character, Alexandra Cabot, might not be such an archenemy on the new hit show, Katy Keene while at Afterbuzz TV Thursday night.

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You might know Hyde from back in the day, when you were mimicking her killer action moves while watching her on television. She was the first African-American female pink power ranger, also known as Shelby. She even went on to say that Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge and Katy Keene are similar because both share the concept of friendship and togetherness.

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On episode five of Katy Keene, Alexandra spilled the tea to the press about her former romantic relationship with her step-brother, Alex, yes, you read that right! This was a huge shocker to watch because Josie McCoy was stuck on Pepper being the leaky bucket. Hyde told the panel that Alexandra squealed because she just wants to feel loved and wanted.

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“Xandra is exploring that sense of self and that sense of like how am I important, how am I fitting in? My brother is trying to make this other girl a star and like I’ve never been accepted, or loved or praised or put on a pedestal. I’ve never been called undeniable by our dad,” Hyde explained.

She also revealed that she feels connected to her character Alexandra Cabot, even though she plays the antagonist in the show.

“It’s a special thing for me because I feel like where Xandra gets some of her worst qualities, are things that I’ve struggled with during the past and ya know not feeling like a sense of self-empowerment or like that you know your real purpose and like knowing you have real friends,” she said.

Hyde mentioned that she too could’ve had more of Alexandra’s not so charming characteristics, if she didn’t prevail and learn from some of her life experiences.

“If I never found my real friends, if I never found myself, if I never found like real love between people and ya know like all of the connections I’ve made with people out here, I could’ve easily been a villain like her,” Hyde said.

Alongside her connection with Alexandra, she said the best piece of advice she was ever given inspired her tattoo on her left arm, which reads, “enjoy this,” in a cursive font.

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“Life is never always going to be easy, it’s not something you can expect, it’s not something that you can control,”. She also added, “Even if you’re like going for your dreams and going through the nitty gritty and the stuff that sucks and you don’t want to do, you know that’s going to reach and push you to where you’re supposed to go,” Hyde said inspirationally.

She also said during episode six, viewers may start to have sympathy for Alexandra Cabot and view her in a different light. You can watch the show, “Katy Keene” on the CW network Thursdays 8/7 Central to find out. Also, take a look at “60 seconds with Camille” to discover her celebrity crush, the dish on her new music, favorite cartoon, and more!

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