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Gavin Newsom reassures industry professionals like Ava DuVernay, Ted Sarandos, Jon Huertas and Tom Steyer that California Might Reopen Soon + Production Could Restart Next Week

Mayte Carrillo

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Posted On: May 22nd, 2020 1:15 pm pst

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ABTV Noticias Digitales: El CoronaVirus

On this week’s episode of Noticias Digitales: El CoronaVirus, hosts Mayte Carrillo and Jennifer Lopez chat about the possibility of production restarting next week! Plus, could July 4th be on the books for a possible reopening day for California?

California Governor Gavin Newsom hosted a Zoom roundtable filled with film and television industry professionals to discuss guidelines for a possible reopening of production. 

Credit: Gavin Newsom

“We’re in real time drafting guidelines” for specific sectors, including the entertainment industry, said the governor. 

Such guidelines will be released on Monday. This movement will allow some counties to move deeper into the governor’s four-phase plan for reopening. Newsom made it clear that the movement will not likely include Los Angeles.

“It remains a challenging part of the state for us still”, Newsom adds, referring to L.A.

Participants in the Zoom roundtable included Ava DuVernay, Ted Sarandos, Jon Huertas and Tom Steyer. 

Credit: Gavin Newsom

Both Mayte and Jennifer digged deeper into the topic of how such developments can improve or affect us all as social distancing is still a major priority.

During the second topic, both hosts discussed the topic of a possible safe reopening for Los Angeles County as early as July 4th.

During a meeting with the LA County Economic Resiliency Task Force, Supervisor Kathryn Barger expressed a goal for a “safe reopening” on July 4. Officials previously announced an August reopening, but have now switched to a possible July 4th date.

“I understand the urgency to reopen and know many of the experts the county has assembled for this task force have been working hard to develop safe and efficient plans to revitalize their sectors as early as next month, county Supervisor Kathryn Barger said in a statement following the meeting. “I remain focused on working with industry leaders and health officials to safely make way for Los Angeles County to reopen by the Fourth of July.”

Catch Mayte and Jennifer further discuss both topics and share their thoughts in regards to the possible upcoming economic shifts that affect us all during Covid-19 times. Tune in daily to AfterBuzz TV articles and aftershows for the latest news and info.

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