Budding Off-Screen Romances Discussed At Official ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Cast Reunion

JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Carson Rowland, Chris Klein, Frank Oakley III and Jamie Lynn Spears join AfterBuzz TV’s Official Sweet Magnolias Cast Reunion to talk about characters and dish on who’s in the car.

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Posted On: May 29th, 2020 3:00pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias

It’s the reunion!!! After an incredible ten episodes and ten insightful After Shows, we’ve reached the end of our Sweet Magnolias journey.

Before we said our sweet goodbye, we were joined one more time by the entire cast to talk all about their characters, season two predictions and wishes, and even some possible off-screen romances?!

At the top of the show, it was obvious that we had to get the entire crew’s take on who they think is in the car! Stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Chris Klein, Jamie Lynn Spears, Frank Oakley III, and Carson Rowland shared that Showrunner Sheryl Anderson’s lips are completely sealed and none of them know for sure who is in the car.

“I’m getting so many text messages from people. My mother-in-law is hysterical. My friends are like ‘no, what?! But, I thought it looked really good and I think like, we’re coming in with a bang for season two”, said JoAnna.

“This weekend is our first weekend kind of, social distancing safely, but being around people somewhat, and that’s all they’re asking me from six feet away. What is going on, who’s in the car, and I’m like I don’t know”, said Jaime Lynn.

“I honestly don’t know. According to the books, in book five, Ty is in his 20s by then, late 20s, he does get into a car crash and he breaks his arm, so that’s not a spoiler, that’s just in the books. I think that’ll be a cool thing to do, but honestly it didn’t really stick much to the books in season one, so they might throw something from left field. No pun intended”, said Carson Rowland.

Carson mentioned that all the kids on the show were dying for Sheryl to spill the beans, but she would do no such thing. I guess the cast will have to wait till season two like the rest of us to find out their fate.

Speaking of the rest of the kids on the show, Carson also touched on how he helped co-star Anneliese Judge grow her Instagram following to 10k followers and he is definitely going to help Logan Allen do the same next! We also made Carson blush when he shared his off-screen relationship with Anneliese.

“Anna and I are great friends. She’s a lot younger than me. I’m 22, she was 17 when we were filming, she’s 18 now. A little bit younger than me, but she’s an amazing person and we’re amazing friends, so I’ll keep it at that”, Carson shared.

Carson also compared his character Ty’s on-screen romance with Anneliese’s Annie to a modern-day Jim and Pam love story, because we all want them together, but unfortunately they are not. Since Carson is Team Ty and Annie, Sheryl Anderson, let’s make it happen for Season Two!

From a budding romance between friends to a relationship between a father and son, Chris Klein shared his take on how his character developed throughout the season and how he credits most of that to his incredible scene partners.

“It’s been a lot of fun watching people go back and forth with Bill, which was our whole thing. That was Sheryl’s aim for this character the whole time was to really challenge people’s perspectives of an archetype like this. And really, that only works because of Jamie Lynn, Carson, and JoAnna, and the other kids”, Chris noted.

Someone else who shouted out his incredible scene partners was Frank Oakley III, who shared how he’d love to work more with Chris Klein and Carson next season, since they already had such great chemistry.

Everyone on this incredible show had amazing chemistry both on-and-off screen, which is one of the MANY reasons why fans love this show so much. Before we signed off, JoAnna, Carson, Chris, Frank, and Jamie Lynn sent all their love and appreciation to fans for making the show so successful and for helping the show get to #1 in the U.S. on Netflix!

All we can say is that we can’t wait for season two to find out who’s in the car, and get more of our favorite Serenity folk.

While you wait for season two, you should get to know the cast better by following them on social media! Here’s a list of where you can find them:















You can also stream all episodes of Sweet Magnolias now on Netflix and don’t forget to catch the official After Show only on AfterBuzz TV.

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