BTS Creating New Quarantine Content to Connect with ARMY

NEW CONTENT ALERT! BTS are visiting ARMY through social media, SUGA drops details on their upcoming album, and V gives fans a sneak peak of new music

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ABTV Loves BTS Weekly

Although the Map Of The Soul World Tour has indefinitely been postponed due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, BTS are doing what they can to stay connected with ARMY. BTS are trying new ways to visit ARMY’s while quarantined and recently, the members took to social media to spend some time with their dedicated fans. 

Photo Credit: VLIVE_BTS

RM and Jimin got together on VLIVE to adorably blend their own dalgona coffee. Jimin’s recipe may have been easy, but whisking away at the mixture gave their arm muscles a bit of a challenge. This was a new experiment for the boys, so RM and Jimin asked ARMY for their advice on how to prepare the tasty treat while listening to calming background music, and later switching it to BTS’s “Coffee.” 

Photo Credit: VLIVE_BTS

RM came back to VLIVE soon after with J-Hope to participate in a DIY ARMY Bomb project. Customizing your ARMY Bomb isn’t as simple as the members soon found out, but that didn’t stop our 94’s from getting super creative with paint and flowers. As the boys joked about their artistic skills, Jungkook who was boxing next door and posted his workout to Twitter, made a surprise guest appearance. 

RM and J-Hope however weren’t the only ones showing off their artistic skills. Suga appeared on VLIVE and BANGTANTV where he spilled the tea on BTS’s upcoming album while painting. For those of you who may not know, let’s flashback to RM’s livestream from April 17th, the start of a new series of vlogs where the members will share their everyday experiences, where he announced BTS are already working on a new album, and sharing how they want to show the preparation process. Even now, BTS continues to work hard, and this album is proving to be a special project for the group. According to Suga, BTS will be managing this album, and they have discussed assigning the members roles such as music manager and visual manager.

Video Credit: BANGTANTV_YouTube

Next up is Tae Tae FM, where V gave his version of the dumpling incident. According to V, Jimin wanted to eat the dumplings after practice, but V, who was navigating a complex schedule at the time due to rehearsals and filming for his drama, wanted to eat the dumplings immediately. The end result was a fight leading to V and Jimin not speaking for a few days, but there’s no way Vmin can stay mad at each other and the two made up soon after. In addition to the dumpling story, V also played a surprise melody for ARMY, part of an unreleased song perhaps? I can’t say, it’s a secret after all!

Photo Credit: VLIVE_BTS

To top it off, Jin, Jimin, and Suga had a VLIVE Just Dance party, proving their hips definitely DO NOT lie. Before the members got their workout in dancing to ABBA and Pharrell Williams, they discussed how they are staying busy. The trio are staying active by uploading content, practicing their vocals, and sleeping, and they also talked about how they want to spend time ARMY. 

Photo Credit: VLIVE_BTS

On top of going live, BTS is staying connected via Weverse, Tik Tok, and posting BTS Of The Day on Twitter. From the outfits they wear to their music playlists, BTS is giving ARMY a glimpse into how they are spending their time. ARMY may be missing BTS, but lucky for us, the members want to try new experiences, and they’re bringing ARMY along for the entertaining journey.

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