Elev8 Pro Wrestling Owner Brittani Nikole On Influence of Paul Heyman & Lilian Garcia, Fighting for LGBTQ Community, & What It’s Like Being First Woman to Own a Wrestling School in Louisiana

Written by: Emily Mae Heller – April 16th, 2020 6:41pm pst

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The ultimate wrestling announcer, interviewer, and owner of Elev8 Pro-Wrestling joined AfterBuzz TV to chat about her journey as one of the first female owners of a wrestling promotion in Louisiana. 

On Women’s Wrestling Weekly with hosts TK Trinidad, Emily Mae and Bryant Santos, Brittani shared her love for the wrestling industry, how she balances it all, and where she sees the industry heading. 

Originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, and growing up in the Attitude Era, she eventually made the big move to New Orleans, Louisiana, and completely immersed herself in wrestling and knew she wanted to be a part of it. 

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Brittani realized early on she didn’t want to put her body through the pain of being a wrestler so she “decided that I wanted to be more on the media side of things like announcing, interviews, commentary, all that stuff. And so yeah that’s that’s how it kind of happened!.” 

Learning how to be the best interviewer and commentator takes hard work and determination. Brittani revealed that she trained herself and studied the greats, including Lilian Garcia and Paul Heyman (a dream interviewee of hers!) then, “moved onto watching, also, different things like announcers for football games, or something for MMA for boxing… and then I added a little New Orleans flavor to it…. And I added my own little personality,” she shared.

Brittani first got her start with WildKat Wrestling in New Orleans and Reality of Wrestling in Texas when they did a takeover show. She shared her thoughts on how she worked her way up and bought Elev8 Pro Wrestling since the owner came to her wanting to sell it, “So, I bought the company and it was really kind of crazy, I wasn’t expecting to own a wrestling company and then becoming the first and only female wrestling company (in Louisiana) was something I didn’t even, like, think about, until it happened.” 

Brittani opens up about how blessed she is to have a great team around her including the trainees and head trainers with decades of experience. Even for talent, wanting to work with Elev8 Pro it can seem a little surreal, “real people actually messaged me,” she said,“is this, like, is this a storyline? or do you really own the company? I’m like, no, I really own the company.” 

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As Brittani balances the job of producing, running a business and being talent, she continues to think about how she can improve the wrestling business. “I really want to be able to have more female wrestlers…and I am a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community, and I want to have more LGBTQ in wrestling,” she revealed. She shared that she started working with a company in New Orleans and shared the training space and ring with the trainees and made sure everyone was getting the proper training in the ring. 

When asked about what her plans are for the rest of 2020, Brittani revealed her plans for an all women’s show, “there’s so much amazing wrestling going on now in this whole new era. And I want to showcase that more so my next big plan is to have an all female show.” 

Photo Credit: Speedy Productions – Brittani Nikole Facebook

We will be waiting anxiously for that all women’s show! Follow Brittani Nikole’s wrestling company and adventures at Elev8 Pro-Wrestling, we know she will continue to pave the way for other women in the industry. 

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