Britney Spears Gets Support From Celebs For Her Mental Health Status

Britney Spears receives positive support from other celebs after “Free Britney” movement trends online including Snooki, Paris Hilton, and Rose McGowan.  

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Posted On:August 9th, 2020 6:33 pm pst

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Britney Spears, 38, has received support from millions across the globe. During a recent public mental health struggle, Some offered support and guidance, while others shared their concern for the pop star’s wellbeing. This letter, that was written by Britney herself- was read aloud on a recent Instagram video, posted by Britney’s ex photographer, from 2008, Andrew Gallery. In the video, Gallery reads aloud the letter that Spears wrote in third person. In it, she details her marriage to Kevin Federline, her two sons and how upset she was that the media was creating stories that portrayed her in a negative way. 

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Andrew Gallery reading Britney’s letter

Gallery first quoted from the letter, “After reading Kevin’s article in People, I was amazed at how the article was focused on Britney, their mother… in order to sell a magazine. Instead of, this being on Kevin. What happened a year ago, people need to get with the times…”(1:05).

Andrew then went on to share more details throughout the letter, which included personal details about Britney’s life that the public would not be aware of. In the past, Britney had her struggles with public outbursts. 

Celebrities have gathered and shown their support for the #freebritney movement. Whether it was a Reality TV star, Actor or Influencer… check out to see who showed their support below!


The Jersey Show Alum took to Instagram to show her support for the pop icon

Source: Snooki’s Instagram

She captioned the picture, “ Love you Queen” tagging Britney and adding a prayer hands emoji as well as a heart emoji

Paris Hilton 

The business tycoon & Simple Life star, also took to Instagram to post a selfie with a makeup look inspired by Britney, captioning the picture, “ Loving all the Britney content this week and reminiscing on the good times”, using #FreeBritney #Flashback #Queens #IconicAF #LegendsOnly #FBF and adding the crown emoji 

Source: Paris Hilton’s Instagram

Rose McGowan

The Scream actress took to Instagram to share her support by posting a picture of Britney, captioning it, “My heart goes out to Britney during this time. I hope we all can ban together and support Hollywood stars who get mistreated” 

Source: Rose McGowan’s Instagram

As one can imagine, being in the public eye is not easy and something very taxing on one’s well being. I truly hope that everyone at this time can come together and use our platforms to spread positivity and kindness. We all have experienced someone who we know who struggles with a mental health issue. It’s more productive and helpful to lend a hand and educate others on the illness and how it can really affect one’s personality. 

During this time we all are sending our love and prayers to Britney. It’s challenging enough to go through mental illness or personal matters, but to do so in the spotlight, is not a walk in the park. I truly hope Britney is well and safe! 

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*If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar, etc… please know that you are not alone and it will get better* 

JED Foundation: Text Start 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK

*The JED Foundation is a non-profit that helps teens during the transition to adulthood! They empower teens by giving them skills and support for growing into healthy, thriving adults*

 NAMI: Call (310) 889-7200 or email

*NAMI is a non-profit that is creating a world, one community at a time, where there is no negative stigma attached to mental illness. They strive to create awareness, support & education while holding conferences around the globe* 

Stamp Out Stigma: Call (202) 449-7660 or email

*Stamp Out Stigma is a campaign started by, The National Association for Behavioral Health & Wellness, that is raising awareness for mental illness & addiction. They believe that the two go hand in hand and it’s important to be educated as well as feeling empowered rather than insecure. 

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